10 Most Iodine Rich Foods List

Iodine is nothing but a mineral trace that plays a role in the formation of the primary thyroid hormone, thyroxine. We all know that the iodine deficiency results in an enlarged thyroid gland, because it tries to collects as many iodine parts as possible. The human body always needs Iodine to function properly. It does not have the ability to create Iodine, the way it can create Vitamin D using sunlight.

The benefits of Iodine include its help with hair growth, and on the other hand iodine deficiency can be the reason of fast rates of hair losses. Though, it cannot be sought as only reason for hair loss, but it can be among one of them.

Extra iodine in body cannot be absorbed by the body tissues and can also be the cause of an increased thyroid gland.
Here we are going to list out the top 10 Freked list of the iodine rich foods. There are many foods that are naturally high in Iodine and they range from sea foods to potato. The iodine content in the food varies based on the earth soil where it has been grown. The daily need of iodine is 150 micro-grams per day and the same is the Daily Value as well.

10  Most Iodine Rich Foods List

10  Boiled Eggs

Eggs photo via enkivillage

Hard boiled eggs are healthy and versatile food and it supplies the body with Vitamin D, Vitamin A, calcium, antioxidants, zinc, and a lot more nutrients. They are also consumed for their iodine content. One hardboiled egg provides around 9% of the iodine necessary for the day. For a light and healthy breakfast, it is advisable to have slices of hard-boiled egg over a leafy green and veggie salad.
Serving Size    :    1 large egg
Iodine        :    12 micrograms (9% DV)
Energy    :    78 calories

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9 Strawberries

Strawberries—Photo via publicdomainpictures.net

Strawberries are nutrient rich and quite tasty fruit that provides your body with many minerals and vitamins. Strawberries are sweet, but on contrary they are a natural source of iodine mineral. One cup of strawberry serving gives us 13 micrograms iodine mineral which is approximately 9% of what an average person’s body requires daily.
Serving Size    :    1 cup
Iodine        :    13 micrograms (9% DV)
Energy    :    46 calories

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10 Most Iodine Rich Foods List

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