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Top 10 Most Expensive Magic-The Gathering Cards

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic The Gathering Cards

Have you ever heard about the very famous and vintage, Magic: The Gathering Cards? If not, here is something to increase your knowledge.

Magic: The Gathering Cards are considered to be one of the most famous as well as exclusive fantasy card games. This card game has been prevailing in the world from a very long time, or so to speak, the same has become a vintage game of cards today. The popularity of these cards has always made them one of the most sought after cards that any card-player would want to own. This fantasy card game has placed itself very strongly beside another famous Dungeons and Dragons and has become one of the most exclusive things in the business today. Almost all the card players are loving these cards like nothing else.

The beautiful vintage appearance, the amazingly designed background and much more about these cards make them not only the popular cards, however very expensive as well. Thus, this makes them the best cards that further form the best decks. Also, these cards are considered to be the rarest cards that are not easily available in the markets. The entire collection of these cards is rare and beautiful. The same setting is considered to be vintage as well. If rated individually, the card price of individual card can easily start from a few pennies and the same can reach up to thousands of dollars.

Want to know the most expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards that have been existing in the history of card games? Following is the list of the top ten most expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards that you would want to know about:

10 Worldwake Jace, the Mindsculptor Foil:

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards
Worldwake Jace, the Mindsculptor Foil-Photo via ABUGames

Most famously known as Jace, the Walletsculptor, Worldwake Jace, the Mindsculptor Foil is considered to be the tenth most expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards on our list. This card has been priced at a huge price of $600 and the same makes it very elite, steep and exclusive. Apart from being highly expensive, this card is also considered to be rarely available for not every person has the audacity to own them.

Designed by Jace, the Walletsculptor, this card has been printed with four abilities. The beautiful foil on the card is considered to be the most amazing feature that these cards have. The good news is that this card is available as a foil from the vault card as well.

9 Extended Art Promotional Foil Mutavault:

Also known as the EAP Foil, the Extended Art Promotional File Mutavault is considered to be the ninth most expensive card of the category. The beautifully designed card has been priced at a whopping price of $700. The entire design of this card is something that would leave you bamboozled for life. The beautiful foil that embraces the card is considered to be the very specialty of these cards. The card is not just beautiful, but sexy as well.

This card comprises of a full art design that is very vintage. Also, the availability of the card is considered to be very rare and this makes the price of these cards even more expensive. This beautifully designed card is certainly worth all your attention.

8 Legends: The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale:

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards
Legends The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale-Photo via hareruyamtg.com

Legends: The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale has been priced at an astronomical amount of $800 and this is what makes these cards as the eighth most expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards of the world. The entire design of these cards is very classy and premium. Not only these cards are incredibly designed, but the same are considered to be one rare creation.

Just look at the amazingly designed art found on the top of the card – they are beautiful indeed. Also, a number of interesting facts are attached to the card. A lot of people claim that this legend cards plays nothing, however lands you towards some of the most stupid stuffs. This sounds strange as it is. Today, this card has become scarce in the markets. This card is also touted as the sole survivor as it is the only left that belongs to the legends series.

7 Mox Pearl:

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards
Mox Pearl-Photo via blackborder.com

The very first of both the Mox cards as well as the notorious Power Nine on our list of expensive magic cards is the Mox Pearl which is considered to be the seventh most expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards that have ever been designed in the world. Apart from being a beautifully designed series of cards, this card is also considered to be a very useful card. It was originally referred to as a primary interrupt card, however the same is now considered as the quick action spell title.

The best thing about the Mox Pearl card is that this card has the tendency to give the players a white mana for its very use. This card is not just beautifully designed, but is a very rarely available card, like many other expensive magic cards.

6 Timetwister:

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards
Timetwister-Photo via assets.dacw.co

The Timetwister is a magic card that has been priced at a whopping worth of $1,950. This is what makes this card as the sixth most expensive Magic: The Gathering Card of the world. Like all the other cards, this magic card, too has been amazingly designed and the same comes with some of the most utmost uses. In fact, the same is considered to be the most valuable as well as incredibly useful magic card that people often play with.

The best thing about this card is that it favors all those players who find themselves at a major advantage on the field, but not in their hands. This card also has a tendency to permit both the players of the game to shuffle their entire library, graveyards as well as hands together. This card is a highly useful and a precious card which serves a number of advantages to all its players.

5 Mox Emerald:

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards
Mox Emerald-Photo via cursecdn.com

Another Mox card on our list of top ten most expensive magic cards till date is the beautifull crafted Mox Emerald magic card. So, guess the price of this card! Well the same has been priced at a huge amount of $1,975 which is highly extensive and worth eyeing on. This card is considered to be the green mana variant of the famous Mox set.

Just like its family, this card is considered to be the gem of a card which comes along with a number of advantages. This card benefits all its players at each level of their game. Thus, all these features make this card one of the most sough-after cards.

4 Ancestral Recall:

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards
Ancestral Recall-Photo via ABUGames

The magic card, Ancestral Recall is considered to be the fourth most expensive card among all the Magic: the Gathering Cards that have been designed in the life so far. However, if you closely look at the design of this card, a majority of you will find out that this card is highly overrated as the design of this card is too simple for its expensive price.

However, what is amusing about this magic card is this magic card entertains the ability to fetch all the players as well as their opponents to draw a maximum of three cards. Thus, this situation can either fetch the player one last attempt of ditch to make a saving play or this card can also cause the opponent to deck out completely.

3 Time Walk:

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards
Time Walk-Photo via MTGSalvation

The total worth of Time Walk is $3,700 and this whopping price of the card makes it as the third most expensive Magic: The Gathering Card. This card is also considered to be one of the quickest cards that has been banned in the tournaments of Magic: The Gatherings. This card is simple but broken at the very same time.

If you are playing with this card, you can easily manage two turns prior to your opponent who can act again. The beautiful design of this card is abstract at the same time. The entire card has the tendency to give an eye-catching effect to whoever sees it. This card is worthy indeed.

2 Mox Sapphire:

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards
Mox Sapphire

Another member from the Mox family, the Mox Sapphire happens to be the second most expensive magic card of the Magic: the Gathering Cards. This card has been priced at a whopping price of $4,000. Sapphire is not just a beautifully designed card, but a useful one as well.

In fact, at many instances, this card is considered to be worthy enough, more than any two cards of the same family. This card is also considered to be the rarest of the magic cards, the availability of which is very rare. This card is the jewel of the Mox family.

1 The Black Lotus:

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards
The Black Lotus-Photo via ebay

The Black Lotus is considered to be the most expensive magic card of the series. So, guess the price of this highly expensive magic card. Well, this magic card has been priced at an astronomical amounr of $27,000 which is unfathomable.

The best thing about this card is that this card can easily substitute any of the Mox cards for a period of three times. Thus, owning this card is a plus point indeed. This card has been presented in a number of auctions and in the most recent one, it has been sold at a whopping amount of $27,000.

Which of these cards would you like to have in your Magic: The Gathering Cards tournament?

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic-The Gathering Cards

  1. Black Lotus
  2. Mox Sapphire
  3. Time Walk
  4. Ancestral Recall
  5. Mox Emerald
  6. Timetwister
  7. Mox Pearl
  8. Legends: The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
  9. Extended Art Promotional Foil Mutavault
  10. Worldwake Jace, the Mindsculptor Foil

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  • Top 10 Mysterious Deaths in the World

    It is said that every question has an answer but, there are certain questions that are unanswerable and certain mysteries that are unsolved.

    There are certain mysterious deaths that had happened in the world that had no answer or explanation attached to them. Thorough investigations were done to find out the causes, but, in vain. These mysterious murders are unsolved even today.

    Here we bring to you the top 10 mysterious deaths in the world.

    10 Zigmund Adamski

    Mysterious Deaths

    The mystery dates back to 1980. In the month of June, 1980, Zigmund Adamski, a miner from England went missing. One the day he went missing, 56 years old Adamski went for shopping in Tingley, England. He never came back. After five days, his body was recovered from a coal yard that was located 20 miles from Todmorden. Earlier, it was anticipated that he probably died of having a heart attack. But, things turned weird.

    The body was found at 3:45 pm and no footprints were discovered. The man too, had no amount of coal dust on his body. He looked fine in spite of being missing since five days. He had light stubble and burn marks on his head, neck and his shoulders. A gel based ointment had been applied on the burn marks. No one could figure out what exactly had happened to him.

    A twist came when Alan Godfrey, the policemen who found his body, claimed that he had been killed by aliens. He went on saying that he too was abducted by a UFO. Many people laughed at him but, no one could explain the murder.

    9 Tom Thomson

    Tom Thomson
    Tom Thomson via />

    Tom Thomson was a Canadian painter. He was last spotted in a Canoe Lake during a fishing trip on 8th of July, 1917. He died under mysterious circumstances and his body was found floating in the lake eight days later.

    When the body was recovered, a piece of fish line was found wrapped around his left ankle about 16 times. Also, there was a well- defined wound on his temple. Many people believed that it was an accident but, what caused an accident remained a mystery.

    Many theories came to solve the mystery. Some said that he might have hit by a piece of floating debris while some said that he was hit by a tornado. Other though that he received a blow to head by a paddle and some believed that he might have committed suicide.

    American draft dodgers, poachers, and spied became the prime suspect. Till today, no one knows how Tom died.

    8 Ricky McCormick

    Ricky McCormick
    Ricky McCormick

    Ricky McCormick was found dead in June, 1999 in a rural cornfield located outside St. Louis. He was only 41 years old. Earlier it was suspected that he might have died a natural death as he was already suffering from chronic lung as well as heart problem but, gradually many things came into light making the case mysterious. The case was shut then but, after 12 years FBI reopened the case.

    The reason behind the reopening of the case was the recovery of 2 handwritten notes from his pockets. The notes were encrypted ciphers. FBI tried hard to decode the encryptions but, in vain.

    Many claimed that he might have written the encrypted notes himself but, his family claimed that he had a low IQ and was illiterate. But, FBI refused to take it. They kept the investigations on. But, ultimately, they had to shut the case as they couldn’t find anything substantial.

    7 Frederick McDonald

    Frederick McDonald was an Australian MP. He disappeared on 15th of April, 1926. He former MP died a mysterious death. His dead body was never recovered but, a suicide note was found. Suspicion fell on Thomas John Ley who became the member of federal parliament of Australia in the year 1925.

    Soon after John Ley grabbed the federal seal he was charged for bribery where he apparently offered £2,000 to McDonald to back out of the coming election.

    Soon before the hearing, Frederick McDonald apparently killed himself. Hyman Goldstein, another enemy of Ley too committed suicide.  In 1946, Ley was proven to be the culprit. He strangled one John Mudie for suspecting his mistress’s affair with him and dumped him in a chalk pit.

    Ley was later convicted and later died of stroke after a year in hospital.

    6 Alfred Rouse

    Alfred Rouse
    Alfred Rouse via mirror.co.uk

    The incident dates back to 1930 when Alfred Rouse planned his own fake death by beating a man over his head with mallet and then burning his body in his car. He fled the scene and was spotted doing so. He was later hanged for committing this horrendous crime.

    The mystery surrounded the identity of the victim. Earlier, it was thought that William Thomas Briggs was the victim as he went missing while he was on his way to the doctor. The whole murder incident took place at the same time.

    It was said that William quite resembled Rouse in appearance. In the year 2014, Briggs’s family called for a DNA test but, the DNA did not match. This made way for many new mysteries surrounding both Rouse and Briggs.

    5 Laetitia Toureaux

    Laetitia Toureaux
    Laetitia Toureaux

    Laetitia Nourrissat Toureaux took a metro train from Porte de Charenton station in May 1937 at 6: 27 pm. She was the only one who was present in the first- class compartment. A minute later, the train arrived on the next station where 3 people boarded the train. Laetitia, still being the only person in the compartment, fell forward with a dagger in her neck.

    She worked as a message- delivery agent for a detective agency and this is cited as the reason for the murder. Also, her affair with a right- wing journalist namely, Gabriel Jeantet, who was also a smuggler added fuel to the round of rumours.

    Jean Filliol was the major suspect. The investigation came to a standstill during the World War II. Filliol fled to Spain in 1940. Many other stories came forth but, till today, the cold- blooded murder is a mystery.

    4 Charles Bravo

    Charles Bravo
    Charles Bravo via />

    Charles Bravo was a famous barrister who passed away due to antimony poisoning in the year 1876. Claims are that someone has put poison into the bedtime glass of water. He spent several days in sheer pain but, kept mum about the whole plot of murder or maybe suicide attempt.

    The four major suspects included Charles’s wife, Florence, Dr. James Gully who was Florence’s ex- lover, Mrs. Cox who was the maid who though that she might get fired and hence, plotted revenge and Bravo himself, who in an attempt to kill his wife accidently poisoned himself.

    No one knows if it was a murder, a suicide or an accident. It is still a mystery.

    3  Jane and John Doe

    The bodies of Jane and John Doe were found at the banks of San Juan River adjacent to Navajo Reservation in Archuleta County, Colorado. Jane’s body was found few weeks prior to the discovery of John’s body. Post- mortem report stated that Jane was strangled to death and John was shot twice.

    Investigations came to no conclusion. The bodies had never been identified and the reason behind the murder and the murderer are still a mystery.

    The only and the strongest clue was a note found in the pocket of Jane Doe’s jeans. The note carried the name and number of Marilyn Cobianco who was a New Mexico resident. Where Marilyn refused to have known any Jane Doe, the suspicion laid on her. No one knows how her number landed in the note.

    2 Lilly Lindestrom

    This gruelling murder took place in Stockholm on 1st of May 1932. Lilly Linderstrom, 32, was a divorcee. She lived in an apartment in Stockholm and she was a prostitute.

    On the fateful day, Lilly was making plans with her friend Minnie Jansson to celebrate May Day on the evening and then she got a call from a client. Lilly called the client over and Minnie went out. After sometime, Lilly went to Minnie asking for condoms and that was the last time Minnie saw her friend.

    Lilly went to her apartment. After several hours when Minnie went to see Lilly but, got no answer after knocking several times on the door. She thought that Lilly might have gone out with the client.

    After three days, when police came and broke into the apartment, they found the completely naked body of Lilly. The condom was still in her anus.

    The murder killed her using a blunt object. He perhaps hit her three blows to knock her down. The biggest tip was that Lilly’s clothes were neatly folded. There was blood all- over the room and a ladle. The killer drank Lilly’s blood with the ladle. There were no fingerprints and any sort of suspicious item.

    The press named the killer, the Atlas Vampire. No one knows who the killer was.

    1 Gunther

    In the wee hours on a normal day in 1984, the body of Gunther Stoll was found in his car. The body was severely injured. Prima facie it appeared as an accident as Gunther was heavily drunk the previous night.

    He was taken to hospital, but, was declared brought dead. Autopsy revealed that he was run over by a car and then, was placed in his car. The murder took a mysterious turn when a note was found. Thenote read “YOGTZE”. It is not a word in any language. It might be a code. Nobody could crack the code or the murder mystery.

    All these cold- blooded murders are still a mystery.

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  • Top 10 best Vodka Brands

    Top 10 best Vodka Brands

    Top 10 best Vodka Brands

    Vodka forms one of the most integral parts of any kind of alcoholic celebration. Yes, whether it is your birthday party or a weekend night out in a club – vodka always serves as your partner in crime wherever you go or whenever you are in an extreme party mood. What follows next is a moment full of fun, joy, crazy dances and what not! A number of people don’t shy away from trying out vodka in different forms. From going total neat to mixing it with various sodas and cocktails – vodka is anywhere and everywhere.

    Thus, considering the growing popularity of vodka, a number of brands have established their businesses in selling vodka throughout the world. These vodka brands are selling their drinks like hot cakes in the market, thereby earning some real huge profits. Some of these brands are highly overrated, while others do total justice to their popularity. Also, some of them are not so looked upon while others are total worth it.

    Following are referred to as top ten vodka brands in the recent times:

    10 Belenkaya Vodka

    Top 10 best Vodka Brands
    Belenkaya Vodka-Photo via DistillersDirect.com

    This brand belongs to the famous Bayadera Group and is considered to be the tenth best vodka brand that you would want to have a shot of vodka from. Belenkaya has been further owned by Synergy that is considered to be one of the best functioning groups in the business. The domestic market of Belenkaya is Russia and thus it is needless to say that this brand is doing super good in its domestic market where almost majority of people look forward to sipping vodka on all the eventful times.

    The brand has earned a great customer confidence over the years. In fact, the same is considered to be the largest group of spirits in the history of Russia. Today, this brand has made way to the international market of vodka and is making some real good profits.

    9 Kauffman Luxury Vintage Vodka

    Top 10 best Vodka Brands
    Kauffman Luxury Vintage Vodka-Photo via A1 Liquor

    This brand is an answer to all the vintage tastes and flavors and is considered as the ninth best brand of vodka in the preset times. Apart from being highly popular, this brand is also considered to be the most expensive brand of vodka which cannot be afforded by any random person. Thanks to the vintage properties of this vodka. This vodka is produced wholly from the wheat only when the crop shows the best of its properties.

    If the quality of wheat by any chance is lesser than anticipated, the makers of this vodka don’t produce vodka at all. Thus, this proves that this brand is very particular about its taste and therefore buying and tasting a Kauffman would totally be worth the hefty price.

    8 Effen Vodka

    Effen Vodka-Photo via specsonline.com

    Effen vodka is considered to be the eighth best brand of vodka in the recent times. This vodka is the product of Netherlands, but the same has become more than popular throughout the world. Unlike most of the vodkas, the preparation of this vodka is pretty different and amazing. This vodka is filtered via peat and not charcoal, that gives it a grassy and a mellow flavor.

    The entire distillation process of this vodka further makes it all the more amazing and rich as to its taste. The presentation of this vodka further adds cherry to the cake. A bottle of Effen costs you at around $40 and this vodka is worth tasting.

    7 Smirnoff Vodka

    Smirnoff Vodka-Photo via drinkupessex.uk

    Smirnoff has always been a favorite of a majority of people and the same is considered as the seventh best vodka brand in the recent times. The best thing about this vodka is the variety of the flavors that this brand presents to all its people. Thus, whether it is a neat shot of Smirnoff or a cocktail – this vodka is equally tasteful.

    The craze of Smirnoff is not just restricted to its homeland, but the same extends to whole of the world. This brand is the most preferred brand in the countries like Korea, South Africa and America where people often look for Smirnoff to get high. Smirnoff certainly forms the essence of any party.

    6 Skyy Vodka

    Skyy Vodka-Photo via ABC.virginia.gov

    Skyy is considered to be the sixth best vodka brand in the recent times. The recent introduction of a number of varieties and flavors by this brand has made it all the more popular among the people. The flavor variants of this vodka brand are seemed to be enjoyed by the people at large. This vodka brand is one of the most preferable vodka brands of the recent times.

    The core market of the Skyy vodka is taking an intense turn with each passing day. The brand has also involved itself in a number of campaigns which are further helping this brand to improve and increase its popularity all throughout the world.

    5 Grey Goose Vodka

    Grey Goose VodkaPhoto via Morrisons

    Grey Goose vodka is a French product and the same is considered to be the fifth best vodka brand in the recent time. This is in fact considered as the best thing that the French did to the vodka business. This vodka is prepared out of the freshly found wheat and spring water that is further filtered naturally by the way of limestone. The entire process is carried out in a champagne region and the resulting taste is something that you would want to relish for life.

    The only thing that will make you think twice before sipping this vodka is its bitter taste. However, the same tends to become subtle as you get used to it. The newly introduced flavored versions of this vodka by the brand are making a lot of buzz not only in the French markets, but throughout the world.

    4 Zubrowka Vodka

    Top 10 best Vodka Brands
    Zubrowka Vodka-Photo via Morrisons

    The unique flavors as well as amazing taste of this brand has made it the fourth best brand of vodka in the recent time. Zubrowka is also addressed as the Bison Grass Vodka and the same has become more than famous among all the vodka lovers. The best thing about this vodka is that this is a dry as well as herb-flavored vodka the taste and flavor of which is very unique if the same is compared with all other brands serving the same.

    The different flavors that this brand sells are that of coconut, vanilla, woodruff as well as almond and guess what, all of them are equally tasteful. The beautiful yellow-colored appearance of this vodka is something that attract all the alcoholics and vodka lovers at the first place.

    3 Svedka Vodka

    Svedka Vodka

    The amazingly delicious and flavorsome Svedka Vodka is considered to be the third best brand of vodka in the recent times that any vodka lover would want to have. A number of positives altogether make this brand as one of the most sought after brands as far as the taste of this vodka is concerned. The overall taste of the vodkas produced by this brand is highly indulging in terms of its flavors.

    This vodka is a product of Sweden and the taste of this vodka is often described as very crisp and clean which further makes people relish it. The happy combination of the winter wheat of Sweden along with its glacial waters together enhance the overall taste of this vodka and take it to a different level of savory. It comes in a number of flavors to choose from and therefore it is considered as a highly versatile brand of vodkas.

    2 KU:L Vodka

    Vodka-Photo vi a D’Marge

    KU:L Vodka is considered to be the second best brand of vodka these days. In fact, this brand of vodka happens to be one of the most preferred and picked brands of vodka among the people. The reason behind the increasing popularity of this brand is nothing but its inexpensive price. Yes, this brand is undisputedly cheapest selling vodka brand of the world.

    However, if you think that the cheap price of this vodka has a degraded quality of taste, you are absolutely wrong and unfamiliar for the taste of this vodka is as smooth as all the other vodka brands of the world. This brand is the product of Poland and today it has paved a way for itself on an international level. The taste of this vodka is simply everlasting.

    1 Pyat Ozer Vodka

    Pyat Ozer Vodka-Photo via LiquorBarn.com

    Pyat Ozer Vodka happens to be the best brand of vodka in the recent times. The popularity of this brand among all the vodka lovers can be figured out considering its huge sale throughout the world. This vodka brand is owned by the Alcohol Siberia Group and the same has been in the buzz for quite a time now.

    Everything about this vodka is just the perfect. Thus, from its very amazing taste to the richness of its flavor – everything about this vodka is on point. This brand is very popular among all the celebrities as well. Pyat Ozer is certainly your thing if you look forward to getting high on vodka.

    Which vodka brand is your favorite?

    Top 10 best Vodka Brands

    1. Pyat Ozer
    2. KU:L
    3. Svedka
    4. Zubrowka
    5. Grey Goose
    6. Skyy
    7. Smirnoff
    8. Effen
    9. Kauffman Luxury Vintage
    10. Belenkaya

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  • Top 10 Ugliest Pokémon Ever


    Nothing beats the craze of Pokémon among the people. This entire concept of Pokémon was introduced in the 90s where the Pokémon characters were the favorite cartoon characters of a majority of people. Almost every kid across the globe eyed on these Pokémon characters and would glue themselves on to the TV screens. Soon the Pokémon began to be seen everywhere – right from different Pokémon toys to video games, merchandise and many more.
    The craze of Pokémon is intact even today and this entire concept of Pokémon is played on the mobile games too with a great sense of enthusiasm. Thus, the number of fictional characters in Pokémon has reached from 151 to a whopping 718. There are a number of Pokémon characters that are loved by the people. At the same time, there are some of the ugliest Pokémon characters as well.  Following is the list of the top ten ugliest Pokémon ever.

    10 Stunfisk:

    Stunfisk (image via wikia.com)

    The Stunfisk is considered as the tenth ugliest Pokémon character out of all the characters today. This character is an electric type of Pokémon which was introduced in the fifth generation of this entire series. Though it was supposed to be similar to the trap, however the resemblance of this character is more like a flattened fish, which makes it look all the more creepy and very ugly.
    The semi-circle like tail of this character is yellow in color which is attached to a mud-brown body and opal shaped eyes. If compared to all the other characters of the series, this character of Pokémon is really ugly and vile. The overall appearance of this character is nothing lesser than an absurd looking character.

    9 Weezing:

    Weezing – image via wikia.com

    This first generation Pokémon called Weezing is considered as the ninth ugliest Pokémon out of all the characters. As strange as it sounds, this Pokémon is a poison type character which looks pretty ugly if compared to others. In fact, it has always been considered as one of the ugliest characters of Pokémon by the fans themselves.
    So basically, this Pokémon is based on an ugly tumor which comprises of a strange structure. There are two different heads which further make him look all the more creepy. One of these heads is large and other is a smaller one which is attached to the former. The purple coloring of these heads makes it look all the more gross. Weezing is able to move around very easily and it has appeared a number of times in the first season.

    8 Phantump:

    Phantump – image via DeviantArt

    Phantump is considered as the eighth ugliest Pokémon on the earth. This character of Pokémon belongs to Generation VI and it appears to be pretty gross and ugly. The overall appearance of this Pokémon is a ghost/grass type which is also believed to have a spirit of a child possessing the stump. This feature makes the overall appearance of this Pokémon as very scary.
    The rotten tree appearance of this Pokémon has a grey coloring. Its eyes are black and large and there are branches too. The sounds that this Pokémon makes imitates anything and everything – yes, this happens to be the special character of this Pokémon. It also has a hidden ability called as Harvest.


    Lickilicky – image via wikia.com

    This weird looking Pokémon is considered as the seventh ugliest Pokémon in the entire series. Apart from having an ugly appearance, this Pokémon has a weird name as well. Dark pink color is what this Pokémon dons on a round body as well as small tail. This Pokémon belongs to Generation IV. What makes the appearance of this Pokémon uglier is the large belly that sometimes touches the ground as well.
    A number of people compare this Pokémon to a cotton candy. However, this cotton candy does not look beautiful at all. The character of this Pokémon is quite greedy and it is also able to lick anyone very close for the sake of the leftover crumbs.

    6 Drowzee:


    Drowzee is considered as the sixth ugliest Pokémon of the entire series today. Interestingly, this character of Pokémon is an adaptation of the real life tapir. However, the resulting design has been turned pretty ugly. This Pokémon is a first generation Pokémon which is psychic in terms of its characters. The tired-looking eyes of this character always makes him look as if he is super drowsy.
    Apart from looking super drowsy in terms of its appearance, this character is considered to be lazy and stupid as well. The body of this character is half-grey and yellow as to its color. The ability of this character is that it can sense the dream of any person and can also produce nightmares in anyone’s mind. It has also been seen in a number of Pokémon movies.

    5 Victreebel:


    The Pokémon, Victreebel is referred to as the fifth ugliest Pokémon of the series so far. This character of Pokémon is more of a cartoon adaptation of a Venus Flycatcher, however this adaptation has come out to be a little ugly as compared to the real one. The overall appearance of this character is very unappealing to one’s eyes. This Pokémon appeared in the first generation of the series and is a grass and poison type Pokémon.
    The gaping mouth of this character comprises of two teeth. The bell-shaped body of this Pokémon further creates a vile appearance to this character. The worst thing about the appearance of this Pokémon is a number of spots on the yellow body of this character. This Pokémon is mostly seen hopping around the forests and hogging on James.

    4 Pumpkaboo:


    Pumpkaboo is considered as the fourth ugliest Pokémon in the entire series of this show. This Pokémon appeared in the Generation VI and later on it kept appearing for a number of other times as well. As the name suggests, this Pokémon resembles a pumpkin, however the same looks pretty ugly if compared to a real pumpkin. The overall appearance of this character resembles a Halloween pumpkin, but the same with a disdainful appearance.
    This Pokémon is a ghost-type Pokémon which has the ability to return wandering spirits into their actual homes. This Pokémon is vile and is considered to be one of the ugliest characters of the series by many. The overall appearance of this Pokémon is pink in color which comes in a number of different sizes. The glowing eyes scare everything out of the fans.

    3 Gloom:

    Gloom image via wikia.com

    As the name suggests, this Pokémon is gloomy and the same is considered as the third ugliest Pokémon in the entire series today. Gloom belongs to the first generation of Pokémon and is a grass and poison type character. The ugly appearance of this Pokémon gross abhors a lot of people. This Pokémon has a bulbous head, a wide mouth as well as a very faint coloring.
    There are dew drops that keep on dropping from the mouth of this Pokémon which makes this character look pretty gross and ugly. Another important thing about the appearance of this Pokémon is that it looks like this Pokémon is always about to cry. The uneven shape of this Pokémon makes it look strange indeed.

    2 Sudowoodo:

    Sudowoodo image via pinterest.com

    This rocky type Pokémon character is considered as the second ugliest Pokémon in the series so far. The body of this Pokémon resembles a tree. However, the same is really ugly-looking tree. This Pokémon belongs to Generation II of the Pokémon and generally hide itself in order to avoid battles. It has appeared in a major character in a Pokémon movie series.
    The overall appearance of this Pokémon is very monotonous and plain-looking. The shape of this Pokémon character belongs to a cylinder. There are round-shaped leaves on it that further make this Pokémon look all the more hideous and unsightly. The appearance of this character resembles to a sausage which is another reason to call it an ugly Pokémon for sure. The hidden ability of this Pokémon is called as Rattled.

    1 Jynx:

    Jynx from wikia.com

    Jynx is referred to as the ugliest of Pokémon among all the Pokémon characters of the series. This Pokémon is an ice and psychic type Pokémon, the appearance of whose is very displeasing. This Pokémon resembles a female figure of a human. Earlier, this Pokémon was given a black colored appearance, but after a lot of nagging and objection, the same was turned into blue color.
    This Pokémon has long hair that are blonde in color. What is more unlovely about this Pokémon is its purple-colored face which makes it look all the more rotten and nasty. It wears a long red robe that doesn’t complement its looks at all. This Pokémon further has large lips, large eyes and the arms that are hung around its body. Though Jynx is one rare Pokémon with not a lot of appearance, but the same looks the ugliest among all of them.

    Which Pokémon of all do you find ugly, eh?

    1. Jynx
    2. Sudowoodo
    3. Gloom
    4. Pumpkaboo
    5. Victreebel
    6. Drowzee
    7. Lickilicky
    8. Phantump
    9. Weezing
    10. Stunfisk

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  • Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

    YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for a number of budding talents today. This internet platform has provided an opportunity to all those interested people to showcase their talent in the form of videos. The YouTube culture is hence taking everyone by storm. A number of people are striving towards creating their own respective channels and posting different kinds of videos on to them. The story doesn’t end here. These people have become overnight celebrities and are earning huge money out of their talent of making videos on different topics.

    YouTubers in India are very active these days. You subscribe to their channel, hit like on their videos and enjoy their amazing video clips made on one topic or the other. These Indian YouTubers are earning pretty good out of their channels. Here is the list of top ten Indian YouTubers of India.

    10 Vikram Yadav:

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017
    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017-Photo via ENSblog.com

    He was studying medicine in the year 2007 and suddenly a wonderful idea came to his recognition. Vikram Yadav would often make the use of internet as well as other online forums I order to seek answer and understand medical issues from all the global experts. Thus, after gaining a lot of knowledge, this man successfully created a channel for himself and to educate all other aspiring medical students.

    Today, Vikram Yadav has made a number of videos on this platform which are related to operations and surgeries and which contains all the ways and means in regard to the conduct of surgical students. Nobody had thought that this platform could be used for this purpose, but the intellect of Vikram did. Today, he is considered as the tenth best Indian YouTuber. He has followers from all rounds of world.

    9 Ranjit Kumar:

    Ranjit Kumar-Photo via junglidonkey.com

    Want to know about the latest phone in the market? Want to know about the latest technical upgrade in your phone? Planning to buy a new phone and cannot decide for yourself? Geekyranjit is all set to help you out. Ranjit Kumar with a YouTube channel called Geekyranjit gives the answer of all your technical problems and questions. Thus, from a small smartphone to some of the most technically advanced electronic devices – you can know about anything and everything you want.

    This man reviews all kinds of technology-oriented products so that you could know in and out about all of them. Whether it is a headphone or any newly introduced technical device – Ranjit is happy to help. He has 864,690 subscribers and is considered as the ninth best Indian YouTuber.

    8 Kanan Gill:

    Most popular top 10 youtubers in India
    Most popular top 10 youtubers in India

    YouTube is the best place for entertainment especially if you are searching for someone or a channel the videos of which always put you in splits. One such perfect stand-up comedian who is considered as the eighth best YouTuber in India is Kanan Gill. This stand-up comedian is highly talented and is sure likely to make you roll on the floor. He is majorly famous for reviewing all the Bollywood movies in his own comic skill and style.

    Kanan has the perfect timing and he is the best in the business. Earlier serving as an engineer, he soon discovered his passion in stand-up comedy and joined YouTube in the year 2008. Since then he has successfully entertained 458,538 subscribers.

    7 Actor Varun Pruthi:

    Actor Varun PruthiPhoto via youtube

    He has defined the concept of a YouTube channel in his own inspirational way and is considered as the seventh top YouTuber from India. Actor Varun Pruthi is known for making social experiment, motivational as well as inspirational videos of YouTube. If you ever visit his channel, the videos that he creates are mostly about helping the weaker section of society, especially the senior citizens as well as the kids and thus, motivating all of us to do the same.

    Thus, Varun Pruthi brings all the suffering faced by these poor people into light and motivates us that serving mankind is equal to serving God. All his philanthropic deeds make him one of the topmost YouTubers from India. Currently, he entertains 836,808 subscribers on his channel.

    6 Sanam Puri:

    Photo via youtube

    His charming looks, amazing appearance and a breathtaking voice will surely make any girl go gaga about him. Sanam Puri is an Indian singer who leads Sanam, a pop band based in Mumbai and his channel Sanam is considered as the sixth best YouTube channel in India. A college dropout Sanam, has always been passionate about singing and making music. Interestingly, he doesn’t entertain any kind of formal training.

    Today, he happens to be one of the most sought-after YouTubers in India whenever the regard of Indian music scene on YouTube is taken into consideration. He joined this circle in the year 2012 and since then he has entertained a huge fan-base. His subscribers have reached a total of 2,084,326 along with 391,621,179 views.

    5 Shruti Arjun Anand:

    Photo via ThatSoWittyShruti Arjun Anand youtubers-

    If the regard of fashion and beauty is taken into consideration, this name must not be forgotten for Shruti Arjun Anand happens to be the fifth topmost YouTuber from India. This lady started posting video about fashion and beauty on her channel when she was in the US. She would upload a weekly video involving fashion along with various beauty and skin tips.

    Thus, if you are looking for any kind of suggestions as to your skin, makeup and hair – forget not to subscribe to her channel. She is a highly talented woman who has gathered around 724,754 subscribers on her channel along with 136,263,735 views.

    4 Sanjay Thumma:

    If you are into cooking and wish to explore a variety of delectable recipes, don’t forget to hit like on his video and subscribe on to his channel. Sanjay Thumma, a professional chef happens to be the fourth best Indian YouTuber who posts videos about cooking and the like. His channel is called Vah-Chef and he also has a running website.

    What’s interesting about his recipes is that all of them are purely vegetarian in nature. Thus, the next time you are inviting all your vegetarian friends for lunch or dinner, do not forget to explore a number of scrumptious dishes suggested by Sanjay Thumma. His channel has 1,119,508 subscribers.

    3 Nisha Madhulika:

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017
    Photo via SocialSamosa.com

    Another chef on the list the channel of whose is considered as the top third channel of YouTube India is Nisha Madhulika. The most impressive thing about her videos is that all her cooking manners are very simple and could be followed by almost everyone at home. She started blogging in the year 2007 and later created her own YouTube channel.

    Today, she entertains a team of five members who also help her out during her cooking videos. Her recipes are not just easy, but very scrumptious as well. Today, she entertains a huge number of subscribers extending up to 1,705,765.

    2 Tanmay Bhat:

    Tanmay Bhat-Photo via morningcable.com

    Who doesn’t know All India Bakchod? The co-founder of AIB, Tanmay Bhat is considered as the second best Indian YouTuber of the country today. In fact, he also sees himself in the list of the richest Indian millionaires in the present times. Tanmay Bhat has become a celebrity today. His work is very popular among the youth, however the same has become a matter of controversy time and again.

    He along with his team of AIB keeps posting funny videos on YouTube. AIB has also collaborated with a number of celebrities in its videos. His channel makes sketches, podcasts, web shows as well as other things as to their entertainment of the pupils. Today, AIB has 1,876,404 subscribers.

    1 Bhuvan Bam:

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017
    Bhuvan Bam-Photo via Dailymotion

    Who doesn’t know about BB ki vines? In fact, the same has become the topmost YouTube channel in India today, thereby making this name a celebrity in the present world. Bhuvan is mostly famous for all his 18 plus comedy videos. From the script to the characters involved, everything about BB ki vines has taken everyone by storm, thereby leaving everybody in splits. Today, BB ki vines has become the fastest growing channel on YouTube India.

    His fans belong to not just India, but Pakistan as well. Bhuvan started off his journey in the year 2015 and since then his subscribers have reached to a total of 1,721,080 along with 46,596,685 views. He posts some of the funniest and satirical videos that are funny to the extent that they could make almost anyone and everyone laugh out loud. His channel BB ki vines is about BB and some of the funniest incidents that keep happening around him as well as his family. Interestingly, all the characters of his videos are portrayed by Bhuvan himself in different disguises which make these clips funnier and more enjoyable. He is undoubtedly the best in the business.

    Now that you are well-versed with these YouTubers and their channels, which channel have you planned to subscribe to?

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

    1. Bhuvan Bam
    2. Tanmay Bhat
    3. Nisha Madhulika
    4. Sanjay Thumma
    5. Shruti Arjun Anand
    6. Sanam Puri
    7. Actor Varun Pruthi
    8. Kanan Gill
    9. Ranjit Kumar
    10. Vikram Yadav

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