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Top 10 Airlines for Beautiful Air Hostesses

Top 10 Airlines for Beautiful Air Hostesses

Being a flight attendant is a challenging and demanding profession, yet it is glamorous on the other hand. Any airline is also known for the flight attendants it appoints. Those pretty female faces and that hospitality provided by them is a result of the beauty they got, the dress and the training that flight service provides.

These flight attendants are chosen on the basis or their height, smile, figure, the way they look in the uniform and the way they speak. All together makes them the face of the airline and one of the most prominent features to boast their services and catch the eyes of the visitors. Being a flight attendant is also not that easy thing because some men in this world are creepy, sleazy and cheap too. Handling them, in the name of providing the best hospitality could go tough sometimes. However, they are trained to those situations and are in habit of handling them with ease, hardly any situation goes that rough anymore.
Hence, regarding all this, we have prepared a list for the top 10 airlines for beautiful air hostesses. Check it out:

10 Virgin Atlantic

Photo via scmp.com

A stylish tie on the neck, red suits which are fitted to the body, are the air hostesses of Virgin Atlantic. You might get confused sometimes with the faces of these flight attendants because they don’t look any less than an actress in the Hollywood TV shows. The seductive red uniform might be their chosen or official colour but for their visitors its sufficient to increase their heart beats. In a survey conducted in the year 2011, they were votes as the most attractive air hostesses. These flight attendants are glamourous, elegant, cheerful, always smiling and always intended to provide the best hospitality to its visitors. So, the hot air hostesses of Virgin Atlantic stay at the tenth position.

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9 Thai Airways International

Thai Airways International
Thai Airways International—Photo via thaiairhostess.blogspot.com

Being the national airline service for Thailand, Thai Airways is also known for the best caring behaviour towards its passengers. They always intend to provide the best comfort to all of their passengers. Thai airways international owns many awards for their impeccable quality of service. The uniforms provided by the organization to its air hostesses are purple in colour which is also a unique feature and their uniform too is said to be one of the best uniforms amongst all the flight service providers. Due to the care and comfort they provide, and the way their air hostesses treat the passengers, this airline scores ninth position on the list.

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8 Lufthansa

Lufthansa staff—Photo via mediterraneanews.com

Another airline service company which stays amongst the best and is known for the beautiful faces it brings to the crew is Lufthansa. It is a European airlines and it has enough reasons to be on this list. They have diverse ethnicities among the cabin crew of the airline. The faces it chooses as a flight attendant is very pretty and catches everybody’s eyes.

The staffs of these airlines are very friendly and the attitude for their services is also considerably good. So the overall hospitality attitude gets good marks and also the pretty faces with those charming smiles give Lufthansa Airlines more brownie points. Hence, this company secures eighth position on the list.

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7 Air Asia

Photo via diezprimeros.wordpress.com

Another name on the list is the Air Asia. This airline service is popularly known to have the cheap fare prices and most importantly the most attractive air hostesses in the world. The uniforms provided to these flight attendants are iconic red in colour and surely they will catch your eye and you will go crazy for them. You may sight them at any Malaysian airport. You might see them walking on the airport, with some bags in their hands which could possibly mean that they are ready to board on the flight and will be soon meeting you if you are about to travel in Air Asia flights. However, this is all luck basis that you meet the same air hostesses in the flight you are travelling in, but what confirmed is that you just need to book a Air Asia flight seat and you will be meeting pretty faces anyhow. So, Air Asia scores seventh position on the list.

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6 Emirates

Emirates—Photo via cabincrewexcellence.com

Now comes one of the most luxurious airlines in the world, the Emirates. Employed from different countries, these airlines hold the most elegant flight attendants. These pretty faces are good in shape, awesome in style, and ravishingly hypnotic in terms of beauty. Their outfits too are very attractive which surely brings some more points to their elegance and looks. These flights are one of the most expensive ones too because of the services provided by them. You might blunder yourself in the illusion as if you are sitting in a palace or something, where everything is so comfy, where everything is damn luxurious and people to attend you are way more than just beautiful. This effect comes at a high price for sure. So, Emirates is on the sixth number.

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5 Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific—Photo via youtube

One of the best airlines in Asia, which is known for its service, hospitality, and the number of accolades, is the Cathay Pacific. This airline company is Hong-Kong bases and it owns very sharp shaped, subtle and sexy female flight attendants. They wear red coloured uniforms and that is another feature to feature them as one of the prettiest flight attendants in this business field. They don’t hire professional models like most of the airlines, but they take the prettiest faces and bring them to goodness with proper and expensive training schedules. In all, they provide one of the best hospitality and attraction to the eyes with the help of these pretty and sexy air hostesses.

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4 Kingfisher Airlines

Top 10 Airlines for Beautiful Air Hostesses

Finally, an Indian airlines name on the list, the Kingfisher Airlines, it is also said to be the most favourite airline. The reason for that is pretty obvious, apart from all the good hospitality, services and everything; Kingfisher airlines had probably the best air hostesses in the world. These air hostesses were chosen after many tests and examination and the best, or to be precise, the hottest of all were chosen as the flight attendant for their airlines.

The owner of this airline, Vijay Mallya went bankrupt in the year 2016 and ran away from India having a heavy debt on his head. However, this airline service of Kingfisher was closed some years ago. Yet we have their name on the list because their hot Indian air hostesses always left a great charming impression on the visitors. So, on number fourth of the list, we have Kingfisher Airlines’ name.

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3 Aeroflot Air

Aeroflot Air hostess

On the third position on the list for the top ten airlines for beautiful air hostesses, we have the name of Aeroflot Air. Their uniform is red which is very distinctive. This is a Russian flight organization and perhaps they are not so high on fashion but when they provide their air hostesses with jauntily angled ties for the neck and crisp caps, then these things suit these flight attendants so much that almost everybody is allured and aroused when they see these girls. Also, many people have rates these airlines to provide the most stylish attire for their flight attendants in a survey.

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2 Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Now, who doesn’t want a flight attendant at their time of travel to be very pretty, sexy and also very friendly, I hope everybody does want that. Well, Singapore Airlines take this thing into account for sure and brings their air hostesses to be way too pretty and friendly. They look very glamorous when they wear the distinctive Sarong Kebaya without much effort to do so. These girls are known best for their looks and friendly nature and the airlines are always rated high for being one of the best when it is about hospitality.

They also have received many awards for providing the best cabin crew service in the world. To be precise, they won the award for the best cabin crew service in the world for continuous 17 years by Business Ttraveller Asia-Pacific Awards. So, Singapore Airlines grips the second rank on the list.

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1 Air France

Air France
Air France—Photo via en.avia.pro

The seats in the economy class of Air France are very uncomfortable, but that doesn’t really bother you when you see their flight attendants. These girls are so damn pretty that you might wonder if you are in a dream. They have appointed a popular designer Christian Lacroix to make these air hostesses’ uniforms and this guy has done is job perfectly to achieve this goal. Even the shortest or longest trip would make you feel like happening in a snap when you see such gorgeous girls helping you out of your queries or providing you meals or beverages. We would also like to tell you that if you are in a flight of Air France, then that doesn’t mean that their flight attendants are going to give you a French kiss as a welcome or thank you.

They know how to ‘not’ mix business and pleasure and they are pretty good at their job, so it would be better if you don’t create any scene. Just kidding, undoubtedly, solely for the prettiest looks, Air France is on the top position of the list.

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Top 10 Airlines for Beautiful Air Hostesses

Sr NoBeautiful Air Hostesses
1Air France
2Singapore Airlines
3Aeroflot Air
4Kingfisher Airlines
5Cathay Pacific
7Air Asia
9Thai Airways International
10Virgin Atlantic

So, ever travelled in any of these flights, if yes then Kudos, visit in all ten soon. If no, then make it fast and get your eyes some great sights.

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