Top 10 Most Beautiful Bulgarian Women

If you have to talk among some of the most beautiful women in the world, a lot of them undoubtedly belong to Bulgaria. They are indeed beautiful and attractive and have represented their country on various platforms. They have beautiful skin, hair, features and body and this list will indeed make all the male readers go crazy and search more about these women. Along with good looks, some of these ladies are beauties with brains, which is even more attractive for any man on earth. Have a look at the list of the top 10 most beautiful Bulgarian women, and get ready to have a crush fixed for the next quarter year at least.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Bulgarian Women

10 Stella Angelova

Top 10 Most Beautiful Bulgarian Women
Stella Angelova ( image via stellaangelova.com )

She was born in the year 1993 in the city of Varna in Bulgaria. This hot figure beauty is a Europe level champion in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics and is very good at it. To add to this, she is an actress, a dancer, command model and also a choreographer. We must say that Stella is totally gifted by God in abundance when it comes to possession of talents as well as good looks and a perfectly toned body. You will surely be awestruck when you watch her perform any of her talents, especially the dance and gymnastics.

9 Evgeniya Radilova

Evgeniya Radilova
Evgeniya Radilova ( image via modelmayhem.com )

Evgeniys is a Bulgarian actress who is world famous for her performance in the movies like Spartacus, released in 2004 and HorrorCon (2011). She also gave a remarkable performance in the movie The Tailor, which was released in the year 2011. She is a very talented woman and had modeling and acting contracts coming her way all the time. She has got perfectly carved body and a beautiful face and men from all over the world go drooling on her.

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8 Vania Peneva

Vania Peneva
Vania Peneva ( image via gracemodels.co.za )

Vania Peneva was born in the year 1988 and she is originally from Bulgaria itself. She won the title of Miss Bulgaria in the year 2011 and she definitely deserves it because of her sharp features and perfectly toned body, especially her beautiful eyes. She has represented her city as well as her country Bulgaria at various beauty contests at a national as well as international level. She is still undertaking a lot of modeling projects for many big fashion brands and is very good at carrying them out successfully.

7 Nansi Karaboycheva

Nansi Karaboycheva
Nansi Karaboycheva ( image via gallianmachi.blogspot.com )

Nansi was born in April 1993 in the city of Pazardzhik in Bulgaria. She is professionally a radio presented and also a contestant of Miss Bulgaria pageant which she won in the year 2013. She also represented Bulgaria at the Miss World pageant in the year 2013. This blue eyed beauty is known to be pretty as well as intelligent and trained and expertise in the field of radio. She has also undertaken many modeling projects for many fashion and beauty brands.

6 Rositsa Ivanova

Rositsa Ivanova
Rositsa Ivanova ( image via / )

Rosista Ivanova, who was born in the year 1987 is the crowned Miss Bulgaria 2005. She is mainly famous for her beautiful grey eyes, amazingly glowing skin and a perfect beach body. She has represented Bulgaria during various beauty competitions against Europe and America and has made her country proud at several occasions. She is still associated with many beauty and international fashion brands.

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5 Gabriela Vasileva

Gabriela Vasileva
Gabriela Vasileva ( image via fashion-with-style.com )

She was born in the year 1992 and she has been famous for being associated with various beauty and fashion brands at an international level. She has been a participant of the Miss Bulgaria pageant held in the year 2012. Her beautiful eyes make her look all the way more mesmerizing. She has carried out many successful modeling assignments for different brands and is one of them most searched Bulgarian women on the internet, mainly by her male fans all over the world.

4 Silvia Dimitrova

Silvia Dimitrova
Silvia Dimitrova ( image via thesupermodelsgallery.com )

Silvia Dimitrova was born in the year 1984 in Stara Zagora city, Bulgaria. She is indeed a multitalented lady because apart from being extremely beautiful, she is an actress, an anchor and a radio jockey too. She is one of the most successful models as well as one of the most successful females of the current era. She has been associated with many famous lingerie brands too.

3 Romina Andonova

Romina Andonova
Romina Andonova ( image via s1.zetaboards.com )

Romina Andonova was born in the year 1989 and she is a successful thespian and a heed model. She came into the limelight of the media when she won the title of Miss Bulgaria in the year 2010. She also represented her country in the Miss World 2010 pageant. She is currently doing a lot of beauty product and fashion rand endorsements successfully and she definitely deserves these contracts because she has got the perfect skin and body for it. She is famous for her perfectly beautiful facial features.

2 Diliana Popova

Diliana Popova
Diliana Popova ( image via altcine.com )

Diliana Popova was born in September 1981 in Bulgaria and she is a thespian and a breathtakingly beautiful model. Along with modeling, she has worked with a radio channel as well and has had a successful career over there. She was photographer for the Playboy magazine in the year 2010 and this makes her all the way more famous, because being featured in the Playboy Magazine is not every model’s cup of tea. Her most charming features are her beautiful grey eyes and she is also famous for her love for animals.

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1 Nikoleta Bojinova Lozanova

Nikoleta Bojinova Lozanova
Nikoleta Bojinova Lozanova ( image via pic2fly.com )

Born in November 1987 in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, Nikoleta is a beautiful supermodel and one of the most successful females of the time. She is crowned as Bulgaria’s Playmate of the year 2006 and she has successfully worked with famous magazines like FHM, Playboy and Maxim, which is a lot of have been achieved by anyone. Moreover, appearing on the Playboy magazine is indeed a proof that the female is definitely hot, attractive and beautiful. Her tanned and dusky complexion is so hot that no man can stop drooling on her once they see her.

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