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Top 10 Best Female Football Goalkeepers in the World

Football is one of the most famous games in the world. In football, goalies are one of the most important players in the loss and success of the game. There are many games of football which are played by the females.

Some female Football goal keepers are very famous for a long time in the world because of their outstanding performance. Here is the list of some of the Best Female Goalkeepers in the world who have shown a magnificent game.

Top 10 Best Female Football Goalkeepers in the World

10 Erin Mcleod – Canada

Erin McLeod 2
Photo via macleans.ca

Erin Mcleod was born on 26th February, 1983 in Canada. She played in National Women’s Soccer League for Houston Dash. Erin Mcleod has been member of the world cup team for three times.

Photo via macleans.ca
Photo via macleans.ca

In 2012 Olympics, has been a bronze medal holder as a Canadian player. Her favorite sports people are Edmonton Oilers, Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky. She was first noted in the 2002, as a good player. In 2012, the Canadian Soccer Association’s Centennial Celebration had honored her with All-Time Canada XI women’s team.
IN 2004 and 2006, Mcleod had won two W-League titles. From 2009 to 2010, she had played for Washington Freedom. Because of her great ability she has been chosen as a captain by her teammates. In 2007 World Cup and 2008 Beijing Olympics, she was the goalkeeper for Canada National Team. Erin Mcleod is really a good goalkeeper for Canada.

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9 Karen Bardsley – England

Photo via youtube.com

Karen Bardsley was born on 14th October 1984 in United States. She is member of Women’s national football team of England and is currently playing for Manchester city. Karen Bardsley is a very good football goalie. However she had a very bad effect on her career due to injury in her leg. Initially in 2007, Karen Bardsley was in Ajax America Women and further in 2008 she joined Pali Blues.


Karen Bardsley had joined Swedish club Linkopings in August 2011. She has always been a first choice goal keeper for all these teams.
In 2012 London Olympics, she was in a Great Britain Squad. She had played in all the four games from Great Britain. In the Women’s World Cup 2015, she had played in all the games as a Goal Keeper.

However, in the quarter final match she had to leave the ground due to injury her eye. She is appreciated for her nice goal keeping.

8 Stina Lykke Petersen – Denmark

Stina Lykke Petersen – Denmark Photo via vebidoo.de
Stina Lykke Petersen – Denmark Photo via vebidoo.de

Stina Lykke Petersen is a well-known female football goalkeeper. She got an entry into her team due to the injury caused to regular goal keeper. This proved to be very advantageous for her career and her team because of the entry of her team in the Semi-finals. Stina Lykke Petersen was born on 9th February, 1986 in Denmark.

She plays for the team of Denmark women’s national football. She was selected in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2005 for Denmark.
Her Selections into the team was due to injury of other goal keeper. She had made some magnificent goal save for her team very nicely. She is definitely a perfect goal keeper. For four time she got Danish Women’s Cups title and for three time she got Elitedivisionen titles with Brøndby.

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7 Almuth Schult – Germany

Photo via vfl-wolfsburg.de
Photo via vfl-wolfsburg.de

Almuth Schult was born on 9th February, 1991 in Germany. She is now a goal keeper for German national team and Vfl Wolfsburg. In 2008, she was in Magdeburger FFC. She got a huge success here and had played for whole two seasons here. She was in U-20 FIFA Women’s world cup team, which had won in the year 2010. In 2011 Women’s World Cup squad, she was selected as an alternative goalkeeper for the series.
In 2013, she had 2yr contracted with UEFA Champions League champions and Bundesliga.  She had even played in UEFA women’s championship in the year 2013, where her team had great success. She is fabulous goal keeper and her body is flexible to protect the goals.

6 Hedvig Lindahl – Sweden

Photo via hedviglindahl.com
Photo via hedviglindahl.com

Hedvig Lindahl has been in her team for most of the tours and tournaments like UEFA Women’s Championship, Olympic Games  and FIFA Women’s World cup.  Hedvig Lindahl was born on 29th April, 1983 in Sweden. She had even played the footballs for the clubs like Göteborg FC, Kristianstads DFF and Linköpings FC. In 2014, she was one of the nominee for Damallsvenskan’s  Most Valuable Player. She had faced the strong competitions in the season of Malmö.
In 1998, she was in the U21 national team and gradually was selected into women’s national team. In 2003, Hedvig Lindahl had got a silver medal in FIFA Women’s World Cup.  Her goal saving technique is being appreciated by most of the senior players.

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5 Emma Byrne – Ireland

Photo via realgirlsport.com
Photo via realgirlsport.com

Emma Byrne was born on 14th June, 1979 in Ireland. She is now a goal keeper for women’s team of Arsenal and Republic of Ireland. On 31st March 1996, Emma Byrne made a debut for women’s national football team from Republic of Ireland women’s.

In January 2000, Emma Byrne was selected as a first choice goal keeper for Arsenal. In 2003, she was voted as the player of the year. She had played a pivotal role in the UEFA Women’s Cup in the year 2007, which eventually lead to the great victory of Arsenol. By September 2013, she won 100th cap against Croatia.
She is one of the well-known goal keeper in the world. Emma Byrne had played outstandingly in the key matches. She have a very good message for new players that the only ability will not help them in the game, they need to do hard work and give commitment. She is one of the important pillars of her team.

4 Melissa Barbieri – Australia

Photo via zimbio.com
Photo via zimbio.com

Melissa Barbieri was born on 20th January, 1980 in Australia. Melissa Barbieri is now playing for Adelaide United’s W-League team.  In 2013-14, she won the keeper of the year award. Her height is 1.68 m tall, which has been questioned by some people. She had played 54 games before 2007 World Cup for Autralia. She played in the Richmond SC, which is professional men’s league. After that, in September 2002 she made her debut for Matildas against Canada. In the inaugural season for Westfield W-League, she had signed for the Melbourne Victory.
On February 2010, Melissa Barbieri was given the captainship of the Matildas.  In June 2011, she was on Australian FourFourTwo Magazine cover with fellow Sarah Walsh, Kyah Simon, Sam Kerr and Slatyer. She had achieved very good name in the Australian football game.

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3 Sarah Bouhaddi – France

Photo via hippowallpapers.com
Photo via hippowallpapers.com

Sarah Bouhaddi was born on 17th October, 1986 in France. In 2004, Sarah Bouhaddi had made her debut from French Women National Football team. In 2006, she played very nice in FIFA U-20 Women’s World Championship, leading them to the great victory. Since 2009, she is in contract with Olympique Lyonnais and is playing splendidly from here.  Before having an injury till year 2009, she was the number one goal keeper. Eventually, she was again a number one goalkeeper in 2011.
She had played outstandingly in U-19 team from France, which eventually led to the great victory of the team. Sarah Bouhaddi had made great name in the world of football. Her skills and techniques of goal keeping in football is being appreciated by most of the people.

2 Nadine Angerer – Germany

Photo via equalizersoccer.com
Photo via equalizersoccer.com

Nadine Angerer was born on 10th November, 1978 in Germany. For Portland Thorns FC, she had played as a goalkeeper. She had even played for Turbine Potsdam, Bayern Munich and FFC Frankfurt. Nadine Angerer is one of the famous goal keepers in the world. In 1996, she made her international debut. She was chosen as a second choice goalkeeper for Germany. Finally, in 2007 she got a chance in Women’s World Cup  to show her credibility where she gave an outstanding performance. On January 2014, she was the first goalkeeper who won the award of FIFA World Player of the Year.
In 2003 and 2007, Nadine Angerer was a part of the team UEFA Women’s Championship. Nadine Angerer is really one of the best female goal keepers in the world with her marvelous performance in football.

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1 Hope Solo – USA

Photo via articles.chicagotribune.com
Photo via articles.chicagotribune.com

Hope Solo was born on 30th July, 1981 in United States. She had won two times gold medal in Olympics and one time gold medal for World Cup. Since 2000, she has been goal keeping for the United States national team for women’s.

Hope Solo stands out to be the best female football goalkeeper in the world. In 2008 and 2012, she made a great contribution in winning the Gold medal for her team. Her performance in 2011, helped her to win United States to win the second place top in the World Cup.
In 2004, she was the top goalkeeper of the year.

She had played for  the W-League for Seattle Sounders and is now playing for the Seattle Reign FC. She really remains the top female football goalkeeper in the world.

These Female Goalkeepers have shown a great game and made their respective team pride with great game. With their great skill and ability they have made the female football game of international level.

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