Top 10 best legendary Pokémon

Among the list of Pokémon, we find a list of strongest ones. In the list of the strongest Pokémon, we make another list for the legendary ones. Depending on the power and strength, the term legend is attached to them. It’s interesting to observe that a creature comes out of a pocket, stays in a ball and suddenly goes big enough to be a fighter. Well we wish it were real. Anyways, below is the list of top ten best legendary Pokémon.

10  Deoxys

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Deoxys was a fictional character belonging to the family of Pokémon from Nintendo. It was shown as an alien virus exposed to a laser beam. It is said to be a mythical Pokémon of the third generation. The first appearance of Deoxys was in the video games in the year 2004 in the games Ruby and Sapphire, which was by Nintendo. It also was shown in the film Pokémon:DestinyDeoxys later. After that the world of Pokémon saw many appearances of Deoxys. It was created by Ken Sugimori. The serial number in the pokedex for Deoxys is 386, which is the last number for the list of third generation Pokémon.Deoxys had features like he had a crystalline organ on his chest which was considered as its brain and it was capable of regenerating itself from any attack. Its agile body was an ease for speed.

9 Palkia

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having stripes on its body, Palkia is a Pokémon which is light purple in color. It has a long neck and the crest is pointed from the top of the head and is extended to wings of Palkia. The tusks are two in number which are strong like horns and are on the sides of the jaw and possess a powerful tail.

Palkia was able to warp space, and was also rumored to create realities in an alternative way too. Its special characteristic was that it is very protective for its home. Palkia can learn Special Rend. It was first seen in the Diamond and Pearl series of the Pokémon movies. Palkia also had a role in the movie The Battle Finale of Legend. It also was shown in some movies with minor appearances.

8 Dialga

Dialga – via

Dialga is a Pokémon that is not evolved from any other Pokémon or cannot evolve into any other Pokémon. It is dark blue in color and also has a diamond on the chest as that of Palkia. It resembles to more of a dinosaur. It can manage time, can wrap it, slower it or stop it. Its behavior cannot be studies as it lives in some other dimension. Same as Palkia, Dialga is also very protective for its home. Dialga made its first appearance in Pokémon movies in the series of Diamond and Pearl. Also it had short appearances in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky beyond Time and Darkness. In the movie The Battle Finale of Legend!,Dialga had its major appearance. Other minor appearances of Dialga were in the movies A secret Sphere of Influencee! Which was a fantasy and Meowth’s fantasy named as For the Love of Meowth?

7 Darkrai

Darkrai – via

Darkrai belongs to the list of shadow like Pokémon. This Pokémon has a small head and foggy ghostly plume in white color and possesses blue eyes. Also a pointed spike like growth is there around its neck. Having claw like hands, Darkrai has skinny arms. It can inhabit dreams and could make the target see nightmares forever. This attack can be stopped by exposing to a Lunar WingfromCresselia, which is not a counter attack, but a measure to defend the target from these nightmares. To avoid any contact of humans or danger, it can become a shadow too. Also it is able to speak little human languages too.  Apart from causing nightmares, Darkrai is also attracted to them and it has a tendency to go around the things is attracted to several times. It was first seen in the movie Diamond and Pearl. It has been giving short appearances in some other Pokémon series too.

6 Giratina

Giratina –

It is not known to be evolved from or into some other Pokémon. It has a large body and is gray in color and has golden semicircular rings at the back of the neck. The two horns pointing sideways on the head, the head also has a crown like think on it.Giratina can travel through time and also can control the dimensions of the space and is also able to pass through the dimensions if it wishes to. It emits a whirlwind from its mouth to do so, by creating a portal which directs it to the other dimension. It can also learn shadow faces. Giratina appeared in some movies including both major and minor roles, the major was in Giratina and the Sky Warrior and in Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. The minor appearances of Giratina were in the movie dealing with a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!

5  Lugia

Lugia – via

Another legendary Pokémon who is positioned on the fifth position of the list is Lugia. It is a dual type Pokémon with the characteristics of being a Psychic as well as Flying Pokémon. This Pokémon is also not known for being evolved from or into some other Pokémon. It looks more of like a Dragon and a bird. It has pale silvery white color body and the mouth is like a beak which has pointed teeth on the lower jaw. It has a long neck, and its wings look like its hands. Lugia is said to be the leader of the legendary birds. Only Lugia can quell a fight between the legendary birds. It has the ability to control the weather and its wings are said to be having the power to move or tear down the cliffs. The major appearance of Lugia in the movies was the Power of One. The minor appearance was in the movie The Myster is History.

4  Mew

Mew – via

Another Pokémon of Psychic behavior in the list that scores the fourth position is Mew. Mew is neither said to be evolved from other Pokémon nor is said to evolve into any. It is pink in color and has mammalian features. With a short and wide snout, it has large blue eyes and triangle shaped ears. The arms are short and the paws are with three fingers and a long and thin tail. It can learn any attack and is said to have a DNA which has the DNA of all the Pokémon which is contained in its body. Its behavior is intelligent, curious, playful, and selfless. It is incredible adaptable to water too. It isn’t noticed to be appeared majorly in any particularly specific movie, but has made short appearances in many movies and also in many anime series too.

3 Rayquaza

Rayquaza – via

Rayquaza is a dual type of Pokémon that features both a Dragon and a Flying type of Pokémon. Like most of the Pokémon on the list, Rayquaza is also not said to be evolved from or into any other Pokémon. It is green in color and has a large body which is serpentine look alike.  The eyes are yellow in color. Though it is not one to evolve, still it can convert itself to Mega Rayquaza to possess more features and larger size than the normal one. All the appearance it has is enlarged or upgraded to a better version and hence Mega Rayquaza is said to be a better Pokémon than the normal one. It can manipulate the weather. Inside the body of Rayquaza, there is a organ, which has the same functionality as that of a megastone. When it is filled with a lot of energy, then it Rayquaza converts into the Mega RayquazaPokémon. It had major appearances in the movies like Destiny Deoxys, Mega Evolution Special II. The minor appearances of Rayquaza were in the movies like Mystery of Mew, Rise of Darkrai and Zoroark etc.

2 Arceus

Arceus – via

Arceus is a Mythical Pokémon. It does not evolve from or into some another Pokémon, however it changes its type when it holds a plate.  It made its debut in the year 2009 (February) and was revealed to international screens in the August of 2009. It looks more like a centaur. Has green eyes which are circular in shape. The ears of Arceus are pointed upwards. It has the capability to recreate the creation trio. It can bring things back that it destroyed. Also it can stop the time, and also can make things disappear. The major appearance it did was in the movie Jewel of Life and the minor appearance was The Battle Finale of Legend.

1 Mewtwo

Mewtwo – via

Mewtwo is a Pokémon that is Psychic in type and is the top positioned Legendary Pokémon on the list. It is gray in color, and has a purple tail, purple eyes and short blunt horns. The tail is thick at start and thin at end with the small bulb in the end. Its heart is the most savage one among all the Pokémon. It lacks in compassion and horrifies the enemy with cold, glowing eyes. In battle it is ultimate in battling. It remains mostly motionless so as to save the energy that could be used in the fights with other Pokémon. Its major appearance was in the movie The Battle of The Badge. The minor appearance was in the movie Mega Evolution Special I.

Top 10 best Legendary Pokémon

Sr. No. legendary Pokémon
1 Mewtwo
2 Arceus
3 Rayquaza
4 Mew
5 Lugia
6 Giratina
7 Darkrai
8 Dialga
9 Palkia
10 Deoxys

This is the list of top 10 Super Rarest and Legendary Pokemon list. please like share and comment .

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Top 10 best legendary Pokémon

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