Top 10 Boxers of All Time

Boxing is among the highest paid combat sport in which two persons involve in a contest of speed, strength, endurances, will and reflexes, by punching each other with gloved hands. Amateur boxing is both a Commonwealth and an Olympic sport and is a normal fixture in most of the prime international sports. Boxing is the most popular and historical sports of the complete era. Every person who loves boxing have some boxers as their dream players. Finding the best one is a tough task, specifically in an individual sport such as boxing which has different belts, weight divisions and about a history of hundred years to select from. Here we present a list of the Top 10 Boxers of All Time.

Top 10 Boxers of All Time


WILLIE PEP ( image via )

 Willie Pep is simply the best boxer of all time. He was born in Connecticut in 1922. Pep was probably the most elusive competitor the world has ever faced. Reportedly, he won a round once without punching, such were the skills of footwork and movement. He first won his sixty-three bouts before he lost to Sammy Angott and then scored 72-0-1 before losing to Sandy Saddler again. He was very tough, fast and had a big heart with most of his fights resulting into all-out ones. He has Sandy Saddler as his biggest rivalry who would do dirty boxing and use thumbing, eye-goughing and seldom wrestling so that he could stop Pep.


HENRY ARMSTRONG ( image via )

 Henry Armstrong had a boxing career between 1931-45, and achieved world titles in 3 divisions- in 1937-38 at Featherweight, in 1938-39 at lightweight and in 1938- 40 welterweight. He has been one of the most exciting boxers to grace a ring ever, he was popular as a great body puncher and punched the head to body relentlessly. For this reason, he was famed as the “Hurricane Hank”. Henry has fighted 17 world champions in his complete career and defeated 15 thus deserve to be known as the most dominant Boxer in his time.

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ROCKY MARCIANO ( image via )

 Rocky had his boxing career from 1948-55 and is one of the hardest punchers of the era. He is famed of being the undefeated heavy weight boxing champion. He has a winning record of 49 out of which 43 were knockout wins with 0 losses. No Doubt he has been a great boxer in his era. He has a low rank because his fights were not as powerful as boxers such as Muhammad Ali and Robinson.


JULIO CESAR CHAVEZ ( image via )

Julio had his boxing career from 1980-2005 and has a record which is self-explanatory. He has a winning record of 107 wins and 80 knockouts with loss in 6 matches. He is a legend of Mexico who had a record of 10 years without even one loss. He was believed to be a tough boxer who always entertained the public by his boxing. He has bagged himself the reward of the Mexican greatest fighter.


MIKE TYSON ( image via )

Mike Tyson is one of the strongest boxer. The boxing career of Mike Tyson was between 1985 to 2005.  He has been an all time legendary boxer. In the early 90s Tyson was believed to be an unbeatable boxer who had the potential to knockout all the opponents. He has a record of 50 wins out of which 44 were knockouts and 6 losses.  He is one of the most talked and feared boxer of all time, and has made an influence both in and out of the ring. People used to splash out the money just to see him fighting in his prime. With his dangerous two-fisted knockout strength and intimidating demeanor forced the opponents to back out even before the first bell.


ROBERTO DURAN ( image via )

Robert Duran is worldwide famous for receiving 5 different championship titles in his expanding career. These consist of lightweight, junior middleweight, middleweight and welterweight titles. Nicknamed as Manos de Piedra or Hands of Stone, was a commanding lightweight champion worldwide between 1972-79. In his lightweight title he stopped 11 out of the 12 opponents to defend himself. Famed as the trash-talking aggressive boxer, Roberto Duran fought during the most powerful era of boxing in the history. Duran was unstoppable in the ring where he used to dominate the lightweight section for 7 years.

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JACK JOHNSON ( image via )

He had his boxing career lasting from 1897-1945. Before Roy Jones and Muhammad Ali, he was the first heavy weight champion of America. He was the most hated and most popular Afro-American in the world for more than 10 years. He has a winning record of 73 out of which 40 were knockouts and 13 losses.


SUGAR RAY ROBINSON ( image via )

Sugar Ray Robinson was born in 1940 in Detroit. He went 85-0 with 40 first round Knockouts as an amateur boxer before turning into pro at the age of 19. He then competed another forty times undefeated which a run of 123 wins in a row.  For 25 years, he was active as a professional boxer. Robinson was the welterweight champion of the world between 1946-51, middleweight champion of the world from 1951-52,57-58 and then again from 1958-60.


MUHAMMAD ALI ( image via )

He had his boxing career from 1960-81, and he was completely marvellous in every aspect of boxing. He was exciting, outspoken and an unbeatable champion in his era and was also the best performer in the world of boxing. He had a winning record of 56 out of which 37 were knockouts with 5 losses. He also promoted boxing apart from the sport itself.

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JOE LOUIS ( image via )

Joe Louis is referred to as the brown bomber and the man who beat the Hitlor. He was also believed to be an American Icon. He has a winning record of 66 matches out of which 52 were knockouts and 3 losses. He was for sure a shining star with an amazing record. He was America’s National hero and also a symbol of pride.

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Top 10 Boxers of All Time

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