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Top 10 Most Common Elements in Earth’s Crust

4 Iron [% of Earth’s Crust – 5.63 %]

iron—-Photo via dromgbd.top

Iron is a chemical element, which is having a quantity of about 5.63 % of the Earth’s Crust. The atomic number of iron is 26. The chemical symbol of Iron is Fe. It is the fourth most common element found on the Earth’s Crust. The iron metal is being used from the very early times. Biologically, iron is a very important element. The iron is very important in human body which maintains the hemoglobin level of humans. Many of the food items contains the elements of iron in it.
Most of the iron is found in the iron oxide mineral form like magnetite and hematite. In rare form, it is also found as iron meteorites. The iron element is a very abundant and vital element found on the Earth’s Crust.

3 Aluminum [% of Earth’s Crust – 8.23 %]

aluminium—Photo via images-of-elements.com

Aluminum is a chemical element, which is having a quantity of about 8.23 % of the Earth’s Crust. Aluminum was discovered by Hans Christian Orsted. The atomic mass of Aluminum is 26.981539 u and its atomic number is 13. The chemical symbol of Aluminum is Al. The aluminum is found in sizable quantity on the Earth’s Crust. The aluminum has the capacity to resist the corrosion and it is the metal which has a very low density. The aluminum is compound form as sulfates and oxides.
The aluminum occurs in the minerals such as spinel, garnet, cryolite and beryl. Aluminum is most widely used in producing transportation vehicles like railways, aircrafts, automobiles, etc. It is used in making foils, cans, building wire, windows, etc. The Aluminum is used in most of the parts of the world.

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2 Silicon [% of Earth’s Crust – 28.2 %]

Silicon—-Photo via en.wikipedia.org

Silicon is a chemical element, which is having a quantity of about 28.2 % of the Earth’s Crust. Silicon was discovered by Jon’s Jacob Berzelius. The atomic mass of Silicon is 28.0855 u and its atomic number is 14. The chemical symbol of Silicon is Si. The Silicon is the second most common element found on the Earth’s crust. The Silicon can be found in sand and dust particles. The Silicon is mostly found in the form of silicates.
Some of the examples of silicate minerals are feldspar, mica, amphibole and pyroxene. These minerals are found in rocks like sandstone and granite. Silicon is used in making ceramic glass, alloys, and electronic items like silicon wafers. Silicon forms one of the very important elements on the Earth.

1 Oxygen [% of Earth’s Crust – 46.1 %]


Oxygen is a chemical element, which is having a quantity of about 46.1 % of the Earth’s Crust. Oxygen was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele. The atomic number of Oxygen is 8. The chemical symbol of Oxygen is O. Oxygen forms the most abundant element on the Earth’s crust. Oxygen is found in the nature as oxide compound. Oxygen is a very important element that supports the life on the earth. Human, animals, birds and all living things need oxygen to survive on this Earth.
Many organic molecules like fats, carbohydrates and proteins contain oxygen. Some of the inorganic compounds like bones and teeth also contain oxygen. The Oxygen is really an important life supporting element and is the most widely found element on the Earth’s Crust.

All these elements have become a very essential part of the life on the earth. These elements have very specific properties and they are found in combination with other elements. These elements are found in small and large quantities on Earth.

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