Top 10 Deepest Rivers in the World

Top 10 Deepest Rivers in the World

About 71% of the earth is water. Oceans constitute 97% of water on the earth and remaining 3% is held by rivers, icebergs, below the ground, lakes etc. Rivers all over the world are a very significant part of a countries culture, history and their daily lives. It helps in farming, provides drinking water, transportation, tourism etc and is a habitat of many animals. But over the years, with modern development, these water bodies are facing a lot of environment issues like high level of pollution due to industrial wastage being drained into it. If we want next generations to enjoy the same benefits as we did, we need to preserve and save it. A list of the top 10 deepest rivers in the world is as follows:

10 Mississippi River

top 10 Deepest Rivers in the World
Photo via wikipedia

This river flows all over the United States and is the main river of the biggest drainage system on the continent of North America. It originates from northern Minnesota, bends southwards for 3,730 kilometers towards Mississippi River Delta at Gulf of Mexico. It has many tributaries which flow in all or in some parts of 31 United States and two Canadian provinces between Appalachian and Rocky Mountains. It ranks as the 9th largest and 4th longest river in the world. The name Mississippi River comes from Ojibwe word misi-ziibi meaning “Great River”.

The river has three parts upper, middle and lower Mississippi. The upper part is the one from the headwater which meets the Missouri River, middle part is the downriver from Missouri river to Ohio River and last the lower Mississippi, which drains from Ohio to Gulf of Mexico. The maximum depth of this is 200fts approx.

9 Saint Lawrence River

Top 10 Deepest Rivers in the World-Saint Lawrence River
Saint Lawrence River-photo via dronestagr.am

The name comes from the French word Fleuve Saint-Laurent, which means “big waterway”. It is a river in the middle lines of North America. It flows in somewhat north-easterly direction and connects Great Lakes with Atlantic Ocean.

The river is 3,058kms long from its headwater to the mouth and 1,197kms from the outpour of Lake Ontario. Its basin covers an area of 1,344,200 square km, out of which 839,200 square km is in Canada and 505,000 square km in the U.S. the depth of the river is approx. 213ft. Its basin traverses a bit of Quebec and Ontario in Canada and parts of Indiana, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Vermont and entire state of Michigan in the U.S.

8 Hudson River

hudsonriver—Photo via wamc.org

Hudson River is 507kms long and drains from north towards south, mainly from eastern New York. It originates from Adirondack Mountains of New York. It drains through Hudson Valley, and eventually flows into Atlantic Ocean, between Jersey City and New York. It also acts as a political boundary between New York and New Jersey.

The name of the river was kept after Henry Hudson, who discovered it in 1609 and Canada’s Hudson Bay was also named.  The river is not called Hudson until kilometers downstream. The river is called Feldspar Brook until it meets Calamity Brook and then it is called Calamity Brook until it reaches Indian Pass Brook, running south from the vent of Henderson Lake. From this point, it is called Hudson River. Its basin covers 36,260 square km and its depth is 216fts.

7 The Yellow River

The Yellow River
The Yellow River—Photo via worldfishing.net

The Yellow River, also known as Huang He is the 3rd longest in Asia, after Yangtze and Yenisei River, and the 6th largest in the world with approx length of 5,464 kilometer. Starting from Bayan Har Mountains in Qinghai State of west China, it drains through 9 states, and vacant in the Bohai Sea. Its basin covers an area of 742,443 square km, with east-west basin of 1900km and north-south basin of 1100km. its basin is the place where Chinese civilization took birth and was a very prosperous region in its history.

The river is called yellow because of it perennial color in the lower part, which comes from the soil carried downward. The depth of the river is 262fts approx. This river is considered to be important for china’s survival, but is also responsible for many floods, including the one which killed millions of people.

6 Amazon River

Amazon River
Amazon River–Photo via thousandwonders.net

This river in South America is the largest and the longest in the world. The word Amazon came from Spanish and Portuguese word Amazonas. For over a century, the headwater of Apurimac River was considered to be Amazon’s distant source. In 2014, it was found that Cordillera Rumi Cruz, headwaters of Mantaro River in Peru was its source. It pours about 209,000 cubic mtrs/sec- approx 6,591 cubic km/ annum, greater than 7 largest rivers in line after Amazon. It constitutes 20% of the global pour by any river in an Ocean.

Its basin covers an area of 7,050,000 square km and constitutes about 1/5th of the world. Amazons basin in Brazil is largest as compared any other river basin. It enters Brazil with 1/5th of its flow and finally pours into Atlantic Ocean. The depth of the river is 300fts approx.

5 The Mekong River

The Mekong River
The Mekong River Photo via youtube

The Mekong River in Southeast Asia and is a Trans-boundary river. It is twelfth longest in the world and seventh longest in Asia. It is 4,350kms long; its basin covers 795,000 square km and pours 457 cubic km of water every year. Starting from Tibetan Plateau, it flows from China’s Yunnan state, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia.

It is very important trade route between Southeast Asia and Western China. The term Mekong River comes from “Mae Nam khong” of both Lao and Thai. The word Mae means mother and Nam means water. In case of Mekong, it means “khong, the mother of water”.  The depth of the river is approx 328fts.

4 The Zambezi River

The Zambezi River
The Zambezi River–Photo via tripadvisor.com

The Zambezi River is the 4th longest in Africa and the largest pouring into Indian Ocean from Africa. It originates from Zambia and drains through Angola, along the border of Namibia and border of northern Botswana, then between Zimbabwe and Zambia to Mozambique, and vents into the Indian Ocean.

The most notable thing about Zambezi is its Victoria Fall; other falls include Ngonye Fall and Chavuma Fall. The area of its basin covers 1,390,000 square km, which is a bit less then ½ of Nile. Zambezi River is 2,574km long. River is a source of hydroelectric power for Zambia and Zimbabwe through Kariba Dam and for Mozambique through Cahora Bassa Dam. There is one small power station at Victoria Falls also. Its depth is 381fts approx.

3 The Danube River

Danube river
Danube river—Photo via serbia.sab.travel

It is Europe’s 2nd longest river after Volga and longest in European Union. Danube is situated in eastern and central Europe.

It flows through 10 countries and was once along frontier of Romab Empire. Danube starts from Germany; it drains southeast for 2,860km, passing through Austria, Hungry, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine before it pours into Black Sea. Its primary source is Breg, Black forest, Germany. The length of Danube is 2860km and its basin covers 817,000 square km. The depth of the river is 584fts approx.

2 The Yangtze River

Top 10 Deepest Rivers in the World--The Yangtze River
The Yangtze River—Photo via interasia.com.au

It is known as Chang Jiang in Chinese, which means “Long River”. Yangtze is 3rd longest in the world and longest in Asia. It is one of the longest to flow within a country. Its 1/3rd basin is home for the Chinese population. It is 6th largest in the world according to pour volume. This river plays a very significant role in the culture, history and economy of the country (china). It generates about 20% of the country’s GDP. It is also a habitat to many species like finless porpoise, Chinese alligator, Chinese paddle fish and Yangtze sturgeon.

The river serves many purposes like irrigation, transportation, industry, water, sanitation and war. The world’s largest hydro electric power station in the Three Gorges Dam is on Yangtze River. A stretch of the river is a part of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The river is 6,300km in length and its basin cover an area of 1,808,500 square km. The depth of the river is 656fts approx.

1 The Congo River

Top 10 Deepest Rivers in the World
Photo via answersafrica.com

Congo is an African river, also known as Zaire River. It is 2nd largest in the world in terms of its discharge after Amazon. Congo River tops the list with a depth of 720fts. It has a length of 4,700 kilometers and is 9th longest in the world. Its basin covers an area of 4,014,500 square km, which is about 13% of total African landmass. It passes through the equator twice. The river, along with its tributaries drains through Congo rainforest (second largest in the world, second to Amazon rain forest). It is one of the powerful rivers of Africa.

During rainy season about 50,000 cu mtr of water pours into Atlantic Ocean, which increases the opportunities to generate hydropower. According to a study, the river has a potential to generate 13% of the global hydropower.Presently, there are about 40 hydropower stations on the river.

Top 10 Deepest Rivers in the World

Sr No. Deepest Rivers
1The Congo River
2The Yangtze River
3The Danube River
4The Zambezi River
5The Mekong River
6Amazon River
7The Yellow River
8Hudson River
9Saint Lawrence River
10Mississippi River

Apart from the depth and the length of the rivers, they are also known for their falls and scenic beauty around them. So, this list will also help you plan your next holiday and explore their beauty.

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