Top 10 Famous Black Country Male Singers

Top 10 Famous Black Country Male Singers

Country music is one of the most popular music genres of all the time. With its massive popularity inside and outside America, this genre music has attracted a lot of fame and love. Many singers have finely established themselves in the field and they are doing really well. With the change in time, gone are the days of a white-dominating society over this genre of music.

Many African American singers are driving themselves towards this field and as a result they are making people go gagas over their music. Their segregated style of music has successfully helped them gather a huge fan following. Here are the picks for the Top 10 Famous Black Country Male Singers.

10 Carl Ray

Top 10 Famous Black Country Male Singers---Carl_Ray
Top 10 Famous Black Country Male Singers


He is a song-writer as well as a fine country singer from Texas, US. Carl Gray has a dynamic personality as well as a killer voice that has attracted number country music lovers worldwide.

He is a successful producer of music today and has produced various chart-busters along with a number of charts topping singles. His self-published album, ‘I love Country Music’ is one of the most loved music albums in the field. He is currently living in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a big name in both local as well as international country music.

9 Scott Eversoll 

He is a renowned music singer from Phornix, Arizona. He has a traditional sounding rich voice which makes him the reminiscent of country music’s icon, Randy Travis. He has a fine musical career today and he started off performing from a very young age.

Since his amazing performance in Marine Corps, he has gathered a massive fan following. His signature song, What Color Am I became a virtual anthem for the BCMA and is still loved by the people at large. He hasn’t mixed his original country music with a variety of rap, rock or hip-hop but has always kept it raw and traditional.

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8 Milton Patton

Milton Patton

Image Via twitter

He is a 23-year old country singer who hails fron Forest City, Arkansas. His love and passion for country music has an interesting story behind it. While dealing with his break-up, he related to the mournful lyrics of the song Whiskey Lullaby and started writing and singing songs in order to console his own self.

His colleagues encouraged him and he decided to move out of his city to pursue career in music. He was featured in the America’s Got Talent – season 8. Though he got eliminated in the Vegas round, ye his sweet country voice can never be forgotten.

7 Dwight Quick

Dwight Quick

He is one talented singer as well as a song-writer from Nashville, North Carolina. Dwight Quick is quite famous for his country music style, which is very raw and traditional. His voice is many times compared to the legends such as Clint Patrick Black and Alan Jackson. Dwight Quick performs in famous lounges and bars of Nashville and is a very famous figure in the BCMA. He is one of the best black singers working and serving the industry today. Many of his songs have already been featured in the popular country billboard charts.

6 Trini Triggs

Trini Triggs

Trini Triggs was born in Louisiana, US on August 5, 1965. He is one established black American country music singer the world has today. He debuted in the music industry in the year 1998 with a self-titled album that was produced by Chuck Howard and Antony Smith.

His album attracted a massive success globally. Ever since his debut, he has produced a number of sensational singles with Curb and Asylum record labels. He is one finely established singer today.

5 Cowboy Troy 

Cowboy Troy

Image Via zimbio.com

He has fusioned his music with hip-hop and rap and is a famous country singer today. Cowboy Troy, originally known as Troy Lee Coleman III is a native of Texas and is also a registered member of MuzikMafia. He had started singing from a very young age and broke into limelight in 2005 year with his 1st  solo album, Cool Loco Motive that was produced under Warner Music Group and music labels of RAYBAW records. His single, Chicken with the Train peaked at number 48 on the Hot Country Songs chart of Billboard in the year 2005. His songs today are among the most downloaded songs in many retail sites.

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4 Cleve Francis

Cleve Francis

He has been very popular in a number of top 10 famous black country male singers of the ear 2015. He is one highly rated American song-writer as well as singer from Jennings, Louisiana. Before coming into the music industry, he was a fine cardiologist. He has worked with some fine music labels such as Playback and Liberty and has released various chart-topping singles since his very debut in the year 1992.

He has also released three internationally acclaimed studio albums with four singles. He is at the prime of his musical career.

3 Aaron Neville

Aaron Neville

Image Via fanart.tv

He is a multi-talented 74 years old country music singer who hails from New Orleans, US. He has done various styles of music such as jazz, soul, pop, adult contemporary, etc. He has worked with six biggest musical labels such as Burgundy, EMI, Curb, Par-Lo, A & M and Chordant. Recently, he released a fine collection of 12 scintillating and amazing tunes under the banner of My True Story in order to pay tribute to his own youth. He has always been famous for his amazing voice quality.

2 Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker

Image via vacationsmadeeasy.com

He is a Grammy award winning American country singer from South Carolina. He gained a lot of fame in the year 1989 in the Hootie and the Blowfish band. Apart from being a rhythm guitarist and a lead singer from the bad, he also co-wrote many of its hit songs.

In the year 2007, he signed with the famous Capitol records in order to pursue a music career in country music. One of his singles namely,  ‘Don’t think I don’t think about it’ made him the second male Afro-American country music singer to own a song on the Hot Country songs chart and also the very first black singer to win the Country Music Association New Artist Award.

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1 Charlie Pride

Charlie Pride

Image Via crystalgrand.com

He is the top most Black Country male singer that the world has today. He is a successful and an established song-writer. Apart from this he is also one talented singer and performer and is presently the second best selling performer that has been signed by the RCA records following Elvis Presley.

He has a fine 45-year career during which he has released a number of chart topping singles. He has also mentored a lot of aspiring country musicians.

Top 10 Famous Black Country Male Singers

Sr. No10 Famous Black Country Male Singers
10Carl Ray
9Scott Eversoll
8Milton Patton
7Dwight Quick
6Trini Triggs
5Cowboy Troy
4Cleve Francis
3Aaron Neville
2Darius Rucker
1Charlie Pride

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