Top 10 Famous News Channels in the World

Top 10 Famous News Channels in the World

In today’s fast moving world, people don’t have time for newspapers. They prefer to either read the news online or listen to the headlines. Media has always played a very important role in getting the news from all over the world and presenting it to its viewers. But over the years, the presentation of the news bulletin has also changed and news channels try to spice it up to make it interesting, which can make the viewers, stick to their channel. Apart from newscasts, they have a range of programs for their audience like chat shows, shows on finance and markets, weather report, movie review shows, sports etc. But to be on the top of the rating, channels have to be very innovative and original when comes to presenting a news piece.

They also have to make sure the anchors are good speakers and don’t make mistakes during live telecasts. These channels have come up with their websites and applications also, so that people are updated any where they are.
Here is the list of top ten famous news channels in the world:

10 Geo News

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Geo News is a known Urdu News channel of Pakistan. It was launched in 2004 and is owned by Independent Media Corporation, which also the owner of Jang Group of Newspapers.
Geo TV Network started Geo TV, which they launched in 2002. Since they have launched several channels like GEO Entertainment, GEO Super (Sports), GEO Kahani, GEO Tez and GEO News. The channel is very popular in Urdu speaking countries all over the world. The channel was banned on 7th June 2014 for 15days by PERMA and was fine PKR 1 crore.  Some of the known anchors of the channel are Wahij Sani, Abdullah Sultan, Muhammad Junaid, Ashar Alam etc. and programs are Aapas ki baat, Report card, Hum Sab Umeed se hai etc.

9  NDTV India

NDTV India is a renounced Hindi News Channel of India, owned by NDTV (New Delhi Television Limited). The company was founded by Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy, his wife in the year 1988.
It is one of the most trusted news channels of India and is viewed by most of the people during prime time. The journalists associated with the channel have held important position in government of India. Pankaj Pachauri, a known journalist and TV anchor was Communication Adviser to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Former PM of India. Some of the notable personalities associated with the channel are Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar, Rahul Narvekar, Sonia Singh etc. Some of the other channels owned by the company are NDTV 24×7, NDTV Profit, NDTV Good Times and NDTV Worldwide etc.

8 Euronews

Top 10 Famous News Channels in the World
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Euronews was established in France on 1st January, 1993. It is a multilingual news channel, presently available in 155 countries all around the world. The channel is owned by Media Global Networks and Naguib Sawiris is the Chairman. The Sawiris owns 53% of the share through Media Global Networls.
The channel was created with the aim to cover news from all over the world. As per content, they show headlines every 30mins from Europe and world. Every interval has a 10mins of bulletin, promo of the next show and market report. If there is enough space, weather report is also broadcasted. The news broadcasted is usually from European perspective.

7 Al Jazeera

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Al Jazeera often called as JSC ( Jazeera Satellite Channel) is established in Doha and is funded by the state. The channel is owned by Al Jazeera Media Network, whose some part is funded by House of Thani, the family that rules Qatar.
It was originally launched as Arabic news & current affair channel, but since then it has expanded into Specialty TV Channels with different languages, internet etc. It has 80 bureaus and is one of the largest in the world. Although it is owned by Qatar’s government, they say the channel is editorially independent. The channel has won various awards like Prince Claus Award, Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought, Index of Censorship, Webby Award etc. The specialty channels owned by the network include Al Jazeera Documentary channel, Al Jazeera Balkans, JeemTV etc.

6 Al Arabiya

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Al Arabiya is a news channel owned by MBC Group, a Saudi Broadcaster and has its headquarters in Dubai. The channel was launched on March 3rd, 2003 and Adel Al Toraifi is the general manager of the channel presently, who took over on 22nd November, 2014.
The channel is popular in the Middle East. It is a free-to-air channel and broadcasts documentaries and talk shows apart from the standard newscast. The programs cover financial and business markets, sports and current affairs.

Al Arabiya is one of the top rated channels in Middle East and has been often criticized for its pro-Saudi agenda. The channel was banned in Iraq for some time for telecasting Saddam Husain’s tapes. The sister channels of the company are MBC Drama, MBC Action, MBC Persia, MBC Bollywood etc.


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MSNBC was founded by Tom Roger, NBC executive. Microsoft has a 50% share in the channel and paid $221 million for it. The channel was first aired on 15th July 1996. The channel is owned by NBC Universal and has its headquarters in New York.
The first show aired on the channel was a lineup of interviews, opinions and news and Jodi Applegate was the anchor. Eventually, they started focusing on politics and made it a brand. In 2005, Microsoft removed its stake from MSNBC and in 2012, from msnbc.com. According to a study in 2015, approx 94,531,000 household had access to the channel within America. The channel is broadcasted in countries like US, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. The sister channels of the company are CNBC, CNBC World, NBC, E!, NBCSN etc.

4 Sky News

Philippa Tomson sky nesws

Sky news is international news based in Britain. The channel was first aired on 5th February, 1989 at 6pm. Rupert Murdoch announced that he will be providing a new television series to British Academy of Film and Television Arts.
In the initial years, the channel had a budget of $40million and it was proposed to close it. But Murdoch was happy with its achievements and decided to keep it. In 1992, the channel started making profit and Murdoch said the channel has added new dimensions to journalism. Since then the channel has just grown and reached where it is. The company has many sister channels like Challenge, Pick, Real Lives, Sky Arts, Sky Cinema, Sky living, Sky Sports etc. The programs telecasted on the channels are Sunrise, Sky News Today, Sky News at 5, Sky News Tonight etc.


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Cable News Network is a satellite and cable TV channel of America. It is owned by Turner Broadcasting System of Time Warner. It was established in the year 1980 by Ted Turner, a media proprietor. It was the first channel to provide a 24-hour news cover and the first all news channel in America.
The channel primarily broadcasts from Time Warner Centre, New York City and has studios in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. the headquarters are based at CNN Centre, Atlanta. According to a study in 2010, CNN was aired in 100 million households. The channel is aired worldwide through CNN International to about 212 countries. In 2015, the channel was aired in 96,289,000 household of America. Other country where it is telecasted is Canada. It has many sister channels like CNN Philippines, CNN Indonesia, CNN News18, HLN, CNN Chile etc.

2 Fox News

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Fox News Channel (FNC), often called as Fox News, is satellite and cable TV channel of America. The channel is owned by Fox Entertainment Group, which is a subsidiary company of 21st Century Fox.
It was promoted by Rupert Murdoch, a media mogul. He hired Roger Ailes, CNBC Executive and media consultant as its CEO. It was first aired on 7th October, 1996 and was made available to 17 million subscribers of cable. Its popularity grew in the 1990s and 2000s and became the top news channel of United States. He is presently his acting CEO and Chairman. The channel has its slogan as “Fair & Balanced”. Its sister channels include Fox Business Network, Fox Broadcasting company, Sky News etc.

1 BBC News

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British Broadcasting Corporation is a public service broadcaster and has its headquarters at Broadcasting House, London. It was founded by John Reith on 1st January, 1922.
It is one of the oldest and largest organizations with 20,950 staff members of which 16,672 are a part of public sector broadcast and the number of part-time, flexible, fixed staff are 35,402. The funds of the channel are mainly raised through Television License Fee, which is charged to all the households.

The fee is decided by the government and is used for funding BBC Radio, online services and TV. The channel is viewed worldwide and very popular. It has total revenue of 5.166 billion pounds for the year 2013-14.

Top 10 Famous News Channels in the World

Sr No.Famous News Channels
1BBC News
2Fox News
4Sky News
6Al Arabiya
7Al Jazeera
9 NDTV India
10Geo News

With the entire race to be the most viewed news channel with the highest TRP’s, they should not leave their ethics and present the true story. They should understand what impact their news leaves on the society and be careful about what they choose to show. I am sure you have at least one of your favorite channel on the list which you follow.

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