Top 10 Greatest Anime Series Ever Made

Greatest Anime Series

Anime is an animated series created in Japan, which is very popular. This genre is not only famous in Japan but all over the world. The story telling through these characters is impeccable, that is unique in its way and different for everyone outside Japan, as we look to as a new concept from what we are used to seeing. Not only children but also adults are very fond of this series, where as some find it very childish for an adult to be watching it as it being animated series.

Some of these stories are very in-depth and quite dark story line so should not be acceptable for children to be watching it. Anime is way different than any normal cartoons, the reason being the spectacular story line, the detailing, for example you may get to learn something surprisingly new as much importance is paid to education, then great sense of humor, the animation quality is way apart from the cartoons, and much more. All the Anime series are created in Japan, one can make a similar type of series outside Japan, but that would be considered as a cartoon only not Anime, as in Japan the word Anime stands for Animation.

It is quite comparable to having your traditional food for example, Mexican, in a foreign country but it is still called Mexican food only. If you do not follow anime, it is going to be very complicated to understand its greatness, so below are listed top 10 greatest Anime series of all time:

10 Dragon Ball

Top 10 Greatest Anime Series Ever Made
Dragon Ball-Photo via saiyanisland.com

Starting with the most popular anime of all time, and the oldest series of it’s time, first aired was in 1984, and directed by Minoru Okazaki 7 Daisuke Nishio, just imagine and still so famous. Anyone who is not known much with the Anime series would know at-least of Dragon Ball.

It was enjoyed with the highest popularity during it’s time even though it may not hold its popularity as such for fans who are grown-ups now. It isas if a nostalgia whenever you hear of Dragon Ball, which is a full fun packed, worth the watch with adventure especially seeing Goku’s transformation with becoming Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball has many sequels of it but not as good as compared to the original.

9 Black Butler

Black Butler-Photo via Pinterest
Black Butler-Photo via Pinterest

Black Butler is quite a recent anime aired in 2009, and directed by Toshiya Shinohara, which has an adequate popularity as the story line being a little different, enjoyed and loved by some but not by everyone. This series definitely deserves to be in the list though as its quite amazing.

This series is a little dark but it is a story of a kid Sebastian Michaelis who makes a deal with the demon Butler CielPhantomhive and is suppose to serve him. This series is worth a watch because of its dark, sadistic, and comedic nature because of its ending, especially in series two.

8 Naruto

naruto-Photo via Narutopedia - Wikia
naruto-Photo via Narutopedia – Wikia

Naruto anime series is quite similar to Dragon Ball, as it being most popularly watched and was similarly long running, directed by Hayato Date. Some may give this anime higher rank, as this series is still, shown on television all around the world and it focuses on a younger age than any other anime series thus making it boring for adultfans who love to watch anime series.

It has action, fighting, comedy, and fantasy;it is the journey of Naruto Uzumaki whobecomes the known ninja in the village. Thus having a good storyline, and minimal exaggeration, and some explanation about everything that happens.

7 One piece

One Piece--Photo via Kotaku.com
One Piece–Photo via Kotaku.com

Different directors have directed one piece but KonosukeUda directs the very first episode. It is one of the best anime having a unique story, the writer having an incredible imagination as can be seen in the series.

It is about true friendship, comedy, and fantasy, and is different from other shows, the characters depicted are just amazing, also the fights. The scenes are quite lengthy but loaded with amazing epic scenes.

6 Bleach

Bleach photo via wlpapers.com
Bleach photo via wlpapers.com

Bleach is directed by Noriyuki Abe, having total 16 seasons of 366 episodes that depicts the importance of a friendship, faithfulness, and loyalty with comedy and action. It has some amazing unique characters. The story of bleach focuses on high school student Ichigo Kurosaki, who has some supernatural power and it’s his responsibility now to save and protect his family.

The storyline then takes a turn where the reaper who had given him the power is to be executed, so now he tries to save her as well as his friends. Thus, this series keeps on taking a lot of arcs, disrupting the plot that makes it less pleasing by the audience.

5 Code Geass

Code Geass--Photo via KnowYourMeme.com
Code Geass–Photo via KnowYourMeme.com

Code Geass is directed by GorōTaniguch. Code Geass first series is the Lelouch of the Rebellion, commonly referred to as Code Geass. This series is very popular for its ending, which is the best, it has this amazing suspense that would make you to keep on guessing but you wouldn’t know what was happening.

The ending could almost get you to cry, it is dark, captivating, and smart. It has the best cast, dark plot, the art, and the animation. Its story includes politics, action, history, romance, all that you want there to be, an amalgamation of all the anime that you have admired.

4 Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate-Photo via acertainastralprojection.wordpress.com
Steins;Gate-Photo via acertainastralprojection.wordpress.com

Steins;Gate is directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki and Takuya Sato. It’s an amazing series but many have complained about the starting of this series being slow which is true but as it goes by there is progress and becomes interesting.

The main plot begins by the twelfth episode, but the episodes before that introduce you with all the amazing characters and you get to hear Okabin’s mind-blowing laughter.

3 Pokemon

Pokemon--Photo via youtube
Pokemon–Photo via youtube

Pokemon the world famous anime series is directed by KunihikoYuyama. This show is divided in five different series, where Ash and Pikachu are the main characters of this anime throughout. This series of Pokemon focuses on new challenges every time, companionships, friendship, and battles. Every series features something new, like a new Pokemon team.

Here Ash had the choice of selecting but arrived late, thus he couldn’t choose one of the starter trio and was given Pikachu by Professor Oak. The plot of this story was shaped cleverly bringing Pikachu to Ash as a Pokemon, thus is the main focus of the series. This series is like by both boys and girls.

2 Death Note

deathnote-Photo via denofgeek.com
deathnote-Photo via denofgeek.com

Death Note is a thriller series directed by Tetsuro Araki. This series has an amazing suspense which would get you to watch it, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The first 25 episodes are the best in this series. It focuses on good and bad, always questioning the right and wrong, considering justice and moral. The plot keeps on taking turn that makes the storyline very unpredictable making it more intrigue and the characters of this anime are shown with high intellect.

After this anime, there were three movies made on this, but still the anime is more recommended than the movies. It’s a thriller but has roughly any blood, but still great, with the story following high school student Yagami Light, who comes across a mysterious diary called Death Note.

Thisdeath note would allow him to kill people and he decides to kill all the bad people/evils and the first target is prisoners and soon police come to notice and thus the battle begins.

1 Full Mental Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist-Photo via pop-verse.com
Fullmetal Alchemist-Photo via pop-verse.com

Full mental Alchemist is directed by Seiji Mizushima. It’s a series filled with light action, comedy, and suspense, this is the greatest anime of all time. It includes of friendship, philosophy, brotherhood, and equal trade.  Alchemy here is considered as the highest science in the parallel world, where they try to revive their mother who is dead and this goes terribly wrong, during this the alchemists Edward loses his arm and leg and Alphonse his entire body, so they go for the search to re-acquire their body. During this they go through many difficulties related to morals.

This series consists of all perfection and greatness you ask for, and you can never predict the next move, as the plot keeps on changing making it unique and original.

Top 10 Greatest Anime Series Ever Made

No.Greatest Anime Series Ever Made
1Full Mental Alchemist
2Death Note
5Code Geass
7One piece
9Black Butler
10Dragon Ball

Hope this helps you select which Anime series to watch and are the greatest of all time. Anime series is very popular and many prefer to watch Anime series over just watching cartoons, it’s not that everybody watches anime series but its audience is significantly higher. This Anime shows rather than cartoons teaches you about life, shows you the morality, justice, emotional side of humans, shows what humanity is, the battles, the right and wrong, etc. The genres of Anime series are amazing, it has everything whether it is romance, comedy, action, fantasy, or suspense. Even the plots of Anime series are wonderful, all the Anime series try to have a different context and plot, the storyline is very unique with the amazing characters that you will love to watch, and thus Anime series are so popular.

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