Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians in the World

Politics is the considered to be the most non glamorous career all round the world. The females in this industry are expected to dress in a way as they are idealized by the youth of that country and all around the world. To me hottest is not just about having a good body and wearing revealing clothes, but also about working for the welfare of the country and putting the needs of the public before theirs and still able to maintain your beauty and grace.

Here is a list of top ten hottest female politicians in the world who have managed to look good with their demanding career.

10 Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine)

Yulia Tymoshenko
Yulia Tymoshenko –

Yulia is a 55year old politician from Ukraine. She was the 1st woman Prime Minister of Ukraine and was in power from January 24th to September 8th 2005 and was re-elected from December 18th 2007 to March 4th 2010.

She graduated in engineer-economist and a PhD from Kyiv National Economic University. Before her career as a politician, she was a controversial but successful businesswoman and also led Orange Revolution. She was placed at number#3 on the Forbes list of the World’s Most Powerful Women. At this age also she looks extremely hot and youth of the country look up to her.

9 Ruby Dhalla (Canada)

Ruby Dhalla
Ruby Dhalla –

Ruby Dhalla is a politician from Canada and belongs to Liberty party. She was the member of Canadian House of Common from 2004-2011 for Brampton-Springdale. Ruby and Nina Grewal, were the 1st Sikh women to be a part of the Canadian House of Commons.

Born on 18th February, 1974, Ruby has her roots in India. Her ancestors are immigrants of Punjab, India. She was born and brought up in Canada and got international attention when she wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of India in 1984 about military action taken at golden temple and many Sikhs being killed.  As a kid, she was academically gifted and has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and later got a doctorate in Chiropractic. She eventually opened a chain of health care clinics. She has also appeared in a lead role in a Hindi movie Kyu? Kis Liye?, and was first runner up in beauty pageant Miss India Canada in the year 1993. She started her political career at a very early age and became an important part of MANITOBA Young Liberals. With her extremely good looks she deserves to be a part of this list.

8 Hina Rabbani Khar (Pakistan)

Hina Rabbani Khar
Hina Rabbani Khar –

This Pakistani politician is known worldwide for her looks and dressing sense. She is extremely beautiful and has a successful political career. She was Pakistan’s 26th Foreign Minister and was the youngest and the 1st woman to be on that position. She severed as a minister from 2011 February- 2013 March.

Born on 19th November, 1977, this young female belongs to an influential family from Multan. She is a graduate from LUMS in Economics and MSc from Amherst in Business. In 2002, she was elected as member of National Assembly and represented NA-177, a constituency of Punjab, which was represented by her father Ghulam Noor Rabbani Khar, who was disqualified due to the compulsion of holding a university degree by a candidate. In 2003, she was elected as a Secretary for Economics and Statistics under the government of Shaukat Aziz. She also severed as the Minister of State for Finance and Economic Affairs and successfully worked and presented 2010 Budget in absence of a finance minister. In 2011, she was acting Foreign Minister for 5 months before she was officially appointed. She attracted a lot of media attention for being the 1st woman foreign minister and for her looks as well.

7 Sethrida Geagea (Lebanon)

Sethrida Geagea
Sethrida Geagea –

Sethrida Tawk Geagea is a MP and Politician from Lebanon. She represents Bsharri district. She belongs to a known Tawk Family. The family owns businesses in Ghana, South Africa. She was into politics since her college days and this led her to meeting Samir Geagea, a Politian, whom she got married to in the year 1991.

She had a very tough start as the Lebanese Force Party got disbanded in the year 1994 and Samir Geagea was imprisoned. She fought for about 11 years with fellow party members until Samir was released and Lebanon got freedom. She was successful in maintaining the party’s unity and the history the party has of people sacrificing their lives for the freedom, sovereignty and independence of the country. She has been the leading figure of the party and has led it in many movements and has achieved impressive results that proved the party is a efficient and active force even after years of ban.

 6 Anna Maria Galojan (Estonia)

Anna Maria Galojan
Anna Maria Galojan –

One of the hottest on the list, this 34year old politician from Estonia is known for embezzlement, exile and her proceedings in English court. She is often described as a popular public figure and politician of Estonia and “Estonian Swindler”.

She leads the youth party of Estonian Reform Party and was unsuccessful in parliament elections. In 2011, she was found guilty of embezzlement of 60000euros, which she earned from NPO European Movement Estonia. She calls her a political refugee and people call the case to be media bias and believe that the money was not appropriate before she became the CEO. She created a buzz for appearing in the playboy magazine of Estonia.

5 Orly Levy (Israel)

Orly Levy
Orly Levy –

Orly Levy-Abekasis was born on 11th November, 1973 in Israel. She is a politician who presently serves as Knesset’s independent member after resigning from Yisrael Beiteinu party.

She belongs to a political family, her father David Levy was Foreign Affairs Minister of Israel. Her national service was done in Israeli Air Force and then got a degree in law from Interdisciplinary Centre Herzliya. In her starting days, she has also worked as a model and television host before joining politics like her father. After being placed on number#6 on the Yisrael Beiteinu list and got into Knesset after Yisrael Beiteinu won 15 seats. During her 1st term, she was appointed as Deputy Speaker and Chair of the Committee on the Rights of the child. She was reappointed as the Chair of the Committee on the Rights of the Child in the year 2013. In 2016, she decided to quit the party because the party was not paying attention to social affairs. In personal life, she is married and has 4 children.

4 Alina Kabaeva  (Russia)

Alina Kabaeva
Alina Kabaeva –

Alina Maratovna Kabaeve is 33year old politician from Russia who is also an Honored Master of Sports and former rhythmic gymnast. She had very successful gymnast and has won 2 Olympic golds, 25 championship medals in Europe and 14 championship medals in the world.

She started as a gymnast at a very tender age of 3yrs. She was her coach’s favorite since the very start. She played her 1st international match in the year 1996 and won her 1st championship at the age of 15 in the year 1998. The saga of her winning continued and she won several medals. She retired in 2007 and was Russian Parliament’s member from 2007-2014. Since 2008, she has served as the chairman of the public council of National Media Group. The channels controlled by the group include REN TV, Izevestia and Channel One. As parliament’s member, she has played a significant role in adoption of numerous controversial laws including Anti-Magnitsky bill, laws prohibiting “homosexual propaganda” and Academy of Science was reorganized. In 2014, she became the chairwoman of Board of Directors of National Media Group and resigned as a Member of Parliament.

3 Eva Kaili (Greece)

Eva Kaili
Eva Kaili –

Eva Kaili was born on 26th October, 1978 in Greece. She is European Parliament’s member and represents Panhellenic Socialist Movement and earlier she was a TV news presenter.

She started her career as a journalist and anchor in Mega Channel and studied journalism for becoming journalist’s Association of Athens’s member. She has an undergraduate degree of Architecture and engineering and Master of Arts in International Relation. She started her political career in 1992 by joining PASP and PASOK Youth. In 2009, she was elected as Hellenic Parliament’s member and was the youngest member. As a parliament member, she was a part of several committees like Cultural and Educational Affairs, National Defense and Foreign Affairs etc.

2 Luciana León (Peru)

Luciana León
Luciana León –

Luciana Milagros León Romero was born on 30th June, 1978. She is a politician from Peru and belongs to an influential family and is daughter of a known politician Rómulo León.

She has a degree of law from University of Lima and Master of Governance and public Policy degree from University of San Martin de Porres. She has politically inclined froma very young age when she became the Secretary General of youth wing of Aprista Party at the age of 14. She was chosen as the Congresswoman and became the youngest to represent Lima. In 2011, she was again chosen as Aprista Lawmaker for next 5 years.

1 Yuri Fujikawa (Japan)

Female Politicians
Yuri Fujikawa –

Topping the list we have this young politician from Japan. She is 33years old and is a part of Conservative Party. She is a councilwoman of Hachinohe City and is daughter of former vice-mayor and council member of the same city.

She is often referred to as “too beautiful to be a politician” and also “Belle councilor”. According to a Spanish newspaper, she was voted as “World’s Most Beautiful Politician”. She decided to be a politician after her dad failed the elections in 2007. She won votes not just from her father’s supporters but she had her own followers mainly because of her looks and young age. She also got involved is a sex controversy since her election in 2007.

Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians in the World

All these politicians in the list are extremely successful and have worked hard for their countries. Apart from their good looks and good personality, their successful careers add to their hotness quotient.

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Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians in the World

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