Top 10 Most Iconic Trophies in Sports

Top 10 Most Iconic Trophies in Sports

Appreciation is as important as winning and trophies are like token or a memento given to acknowledge your achievements. Trophies and medals have been a part of the sports since ages and are given to the winners. You will find a separate space for trophies at the homes of sports persons and it will be their favorite corner in the house with endless stories attached to all of them.

For a player, trophies are more than just a memento; they are rewards for the hard work and love they have put in the game. Over the years, different tournaments in the country have developed their own trophies with some distinctive feature attached to it.

Here is a list of Top 10 Most Iconic Trophies in Sports:

10 America’s Cup (Sailing Match Race)

Top 10 Most Iconic Trophies in Sports
Top 10 Most Iconic Trophies in Sports- The America’s Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy. (America’s Cup)

America’s Cup, also known as “Auld Mug” is a cup awarded to the team that wins the yacht race between two sides. The previous winner of the cup is called the defender and the team they are competing with is called challenger. The timing for the match is decided mutually by both the clubs competing.

This trophy is one of the oldest in America. The 1st trophy was presented in 1851 by Royal Yacht Squadron for a race that was held near Isle of Wight, England and Schooner America was the winner. The cup is made of sterling silver and is in shape of a ewer, which is bottomless. The cup was designed in 1848 by Garrard & Co. the cup was then eventually donated for Royal Yacht Squadron by Henry William Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey. The cup has the names of the teams who have competed for it and has gone under modification twice since then. The cup was added with matching bases, so that more names could be accommodated.

9 Borg-Warner Trophy

Top 10 Most Iconic Trophies in Sports-borgwarner-on-track
Top 10 Most Iconic Trophies in Sports Borg-Warner Trophy

Bong-Warner trophy is awarded to the champion of Indianapolis 500. The trophy was named and commissioned by BorgWarner, automotive supplier. The cup is located at Indianapolis Motor speedway Museum, Indiana. Louis Meyer is the first one to win the trophy and said its equivalent to winning gold in Olympics. A miniature replica of the original trophy is awarded to the winner after 7 months in a reception after the race.

The original trophy is made in sterling silver and has a height of just less then 5fts 4inches, with a weight of 153 pound. The trophy is hollow inside and the lid of dome shape can be removed. The rim at the bottom could accommodate about 70 winners, but in 1986, another base was added so that more names can be accommodated. In 1991, the cup was restored and in 2004, a new based was attached removing the old one and this was bigger in size so that new named could be accommodated.

8 Claret Jug

Top 10 Most Iconic Trophies in Sports-Claret Jug
Claret Jug-Photo via LinksLifeGolf

Claret Jug also known as The Golf Champion Trophy is the cup awarded to the champion of The Open Championship or British Open, which is a part of the 4 major golf championships. The cup is been awarded since 1872 after Young Tom Morris won the challenge belt for 3 yrs consecutively.

The cup was made with contribution of £10 by each club and had “The Golf Champion Trophy” was inscribed and was designed by Mackay Cunningham & Company from Edinburg. The cup is put on display at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrew since the year 1928. The original trophies are to be returned by the winners and replicas are given to be kept permanently to them.

7 Yellow Jersey


The champion of Tour de France is decided by general classification, the most important of all the classifications. The yellow jersey is worn by the one who leads the general classification.

The jersey was first worn by Eugéne Christophe, a Frenchman on 18th July, 1919. The color was chosen either because the organizing newspaper was of that color or because it was an unusual color. The jersey was sponsored by Crédit Lyonnais, French Bank since 1987 and also a partner since 1981. The everyday winner is awarded with toy lion, as play on the name. The sponsorship was passed to LCL, new name of Crédit Lyonnais after it was taken over by Crédit Agricole.

6 Lombardi Trophy

Lombardi Trophy
Lombardi Trophy-Photo via GoldSilverBitcoin

Vince Lombardi Trophy is presented to team that wins championship game, Super Bowl of the National Football League. The trophy is named after Vince Lombardi, NFL coach. The trophy is currently with Denver Broncos and was 1st presented on 15th January, 1967.

The trophy is 22in tall and weighs about 3.2kgs and has football kept in kicking position with 3 sided concave stand and is made in sterling silver. The trophy is engraved with “Vince Lombardi Trophy” with that year in roman numerals and base of the shield on base. After every win, the trophy is engraved with the participating team’s name, location, final score and date on it. Each member of the winning team gets a small replica of it. The trophy has not gone under any major change apart from its logo and Green Bay Packers is only team to have all three version of it, as they have won I, II, XXXI and XLV.

5 Wimbledon Trophy

Photo via AELTC/Jon Buckle

The trophy is presented to the champion of the oldest tournament of tennis, Wimbledon and is of utmost prestige. The game has been played since 1877 at All England Club, London. The tournament is one of the 4 Grand Slams in tennis and is played on grass.

The winner, if man is presented with silver cup with a height of 18.5 in and a diameter of 7.5 in. the first trophy was awarded in 1887 and is engraved with “All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World” on it. The original is placed at the All England Club Museum and replicas of 3/4th of its size are awarded to the winner with names of all the past champions. The replica is of height 13.5in. The women are present with a salver made of sterling silver and also known as “Venus Rosewater Dish”. The salver is of 18.75in in diameter and has mythological figures on it. The winners are awarded with its replicas and have names of past winners engraved on it. The replica has a diameter of 13.5in.

4 Green Jacket

Green Jacket—Photo via Augusta

Green Jacket is awarded to the winner of Master’s Tournament, one of 4 major championships in Golf.

The green jackets are presented to all the members of Augusta National with club’s logo on its left. The idea was given by Clifford Roberts, co-founder of the club, as he wanted that the members should be identified readily. The jacket was first presented in 1949 to Sam Snead, but the winner does not get the membership. The winner is awarded with the jacket by the previous winner or by the chairman. The jackets are produced by Brooks Brothers and made in Cincinnati by Hamilton. The wool used is imported from Dublin, Georgia, which is manufactured by Victor Fortsmann.

3 Heisman Trophy

Heisman Trophy–Photo via Heavy.com

Heisman Memorial trophy or just Heisman Trophy is presented annually to excellent players of college football in America. The winner has great ability together with perseverance, hard work and diligence. The trophy is presented by its trust in start of December before the start of postseason games of bowl.

The trophy is designed by Frank Eliscu, a sculptor. The trophy has Ed Smith’s model on it. He was the leading player of the game in the year 1934 in the football team of New York University. The trophy is made of Bronze with a height 13.5in and weighs 11.3kg. Smith was asked to pose by Eliscu for the sculpture. The tropht was presented to Jay Berwanger for the first time on 9th December, 1935 and is presently held by Derrick Henry.

2 Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup–Photo via TheCounterRun.com

Stanley Cup is awarded to the winners of National Hockey League playoff. The trophy is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, Governor General of Canada that time. The first cup was presented in the year 1893 to the team Monreal HC. There are 3 Stanley cups: “Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup” which is the original, “Presentation Cup” which is authenticated and “Replica Cup” for display at Hockey Hall of Fame.

The original cup is made of sterling silver with a height of 18.5cm and has a diameter of 29cm. The present cup has a copy of original on the top and is of silver and alloy with 35.25in of height and weight of 15.5kgs. It has the names of winning players, management, coaches and staff engraved on chalice.

1 Olympic Gold Medal

Olympics are considered as the highest of all the games. If a person wins gold at Olympics, he is considered as the best player of the game. It is a very proud moment for the player to receive anything of that stature.

Earlier, the winner use to receive kotinos, a wreath made from the leaves of wild olive from the tress near Zeus temple at Olympia. The winners started receiving gold medal from the year 1904 and the medals with solid gold were presented only till 1912. The medals after that were suppose to contain 6gms of gold and have a diameter of 60mm and thickness of 3mm. In 2008, the medals presented at the Beijing Olympics were of 70mm diameter and 6mm thickness.

Top 10 Most Iconic Trophies in Sports

Sr No.10 Most Iconic Trophies in Sports
1Olympic Gold Medal
2Stanley Cup
3Heisman Trophy
4Green Jacket
5Wimbledon Trophy
6Lombardi Trophy
7Yellow Jersey
8Claret Jug
9Borg-Warner Trophy
10America’s Cup (Sailing Match Race)

All these trophies give the player a moment of immense pride and honor and are more valuable than the cash prize along with it.

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