Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in the World

Mother nature has blessed us with many beautiful things; mountains, trees, rivers, flowers, animals and beautiful little birds. The little birds are cutest of them. Little creatures, flaunting different colors on there body, flying high in the sky, singing and hopping form here and there, always amuse us. A morning would be incomplete if we would’t hear them singing, sitting on a branch of a tree.

What if I say, these little bundles of joy could be dangerous. Not all of them ofcourse, but some of them are so dangerous that they can claim a life.Here’s our list of the top 10 most dangerous birds in the world.

 Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in the World

10 Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk ( image via allaboutbirds.org )

Hawks have the sharpest eyesight and are considered as one of the most intelligent animal species. The red- tailed hawk is one of the largest hawks in North America. It is also the most sighted hawk which can be seen in native prairie, highway margins, farm lands, parks and lightly wooded habitats. The weight of this hawk is between 3 to 4.4 pounds and it has about 5 feet wingspan.

It makes it’s nest on a tree in open areas. It defends it’s nest fiercely and consider humans as danger, if the nest is in an area frequently visited by humans.

While flying, it tracks its prey and catch them by swooping swiflty and speedily. The red- tailed hawks have massive talons and claws.

9 Falcon

Falcon ( image via celebrateurbanbirds.org )

Falcons have even sharper talons and beaks han hawks. Just like hawks, they consider humans as danger and tend to remove them from their terrirtory. They do not shy away from attacking animals or humans if they sense danger to their nest. They have a hook- shaped beak, which facilitates them to tear flesh apart and also cut through the victim’s spinal cord. Due to this fact, they pose a certain threat to humans.

8 Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl ( image via ryecityschools.milton.schoolfusion.us )

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you must be well acquainted with this bird of prey. The snowy owl is the Earth’s most northernly bird of prey. These dangerous birds breed around the Arctic Circle on the tundra region. They can easily survive in the lowest temperature, as low as minus 50 degrees.

The snowy owl weighs more than 6 pounds. The height is about 18 inches and the wingspan is about 4 feet. The snowy owl attacks its target very startegically. If the target is human, it may taget the head and the face with the razor sharp talons. It can cause serious injuries to the eyes.

7 Lammergeier

Lammergeier (Image via birdforum.net )

Lammergies is the German term for “lamb vulture”. Most of the vultures feed on Lambs when they are ill or dying. They are more likely to target hard food items and to cath the prey they do aerial dropping and this thing makes them one of the most dangerous bird.

Lammergier have a thing for the soft marrow present inside the bone. When other vultures feed and stirp the carcass, the only thing remains is the marrow. Lammergier carry the bones in the air and them drop them on the rocks from a height to shatter the bone and access the marrow.  This becomes quite dangerous for a human in the close vicinity.

For Lammergiers, tortoise is the most viable bone substitute. History has it that a Greek playwright Aeschylus was killed by a tortoise falling from the sky. It is believed that the Tortoise must have been dropped by the Lammergier.

6 The Barred Owl

The Barred Owl
The Barred Owl ( image via allaboutbirds.org )

It is found in the swamp forests of Southern United States of America. This fluffy bird of prey is medium sized  with wingspan of about 4 feet. It weights between 2.5 to about 3 pounds. Barrel Owls generally attack smaller preys. They have expanded their territory towards northward and westward to reach British Columbia. They, very swiflty target the prey. The targets do not hear them coming due to their specialized feathers. The swoop and attack the head of the target with their razor sharp talons. They claw, peck and squeeze the target. They can cause serious head injuries. Hikers that hike in the Pacific Northwest are often attacked by the Barred Owls.

5 The Mute Swan

The Mute Swan
The Mute Swan ( image via allaboutbirds.org )

This is one of the largest waterfowl in the whole world. It looks peaceful and quite, but actually it is way too aggressive as well as territorial. The mute swan is found in Eurasia, but of late it can be spotted in other parts of the world including the North America.

Unlike, other species of Swans, the Mute Swan lives in community lakes, park ponds and the sites that are frequented by human beings. It fiercely defends its nests against predators. The Swan weighs about 26 pounds and the wingspan is about 7 feet. When it sense any threat to its nest, it hiss, charge,  peck and shove the threat with its muscular wings. It can cause some serious injuries like eye injuries, broken bones and bruises.

4 Great Northern Loon

Great Northern Loon
Great Northern Loon ( image via megapixeltravel.com )

Tere are five types of loons. These Gaviiformes, also known as loons, are the most prmitive avian species on the Earth. They are believed to be dating back to the early stages of evolution of birds. They are commonly found near the lakes in the temperate forest regions, boreal forests and also in the arctic tundra landscapes in North America and Northern Eurasia. During the summer season, they fly to the south and spend their winters in the Northern Hemisphere, on the sheltered bays.

They weigh about 8 to 12 pounds. They have razor sharp and pointed bills to spear apart the fish prey. They attack the prey with the sharp bills. This dangerous bird has killed an ornithologist mistaking him for a predator. The population of the loons is dropping due to the lake pollution.

3 European Herring Gull

European Herring Gull
European Herring Gull ( image via pixelbirds.co.uk )

The European Herring Gulls are quite dangerous and pose a threat to humans as they nestle in the urban areas. The garbage levels are ever rising and the food avalaibility in the urban areas encourage the Herring Gull to inhabitat in the urban areas that cause frequent conflicts with the human community. The conflicts happen when they steal food aggressively from the humans. They cause injuries to humans with they razor sharp bills.

2 The African Ostrich

The African Ostrich
The African Ostrich ( image via flickr.com )

This is the largest bird on the Earth and the only surviving and remaining ostrich species in the world after the sxtinction of Arabian Ostrich. The Ostrich looks comical, but is dangerous, standing about 7 feet tall. It weighs around 240 pounds. It have long eyelashes and the bills are broad. They run at a speed of 43 miles per hour. They have large leg bones and hoof- like sharp and pinted nails. They attack humans when they sense any danger to their young ones or to their habitat. They can kill humans in just few seconds.

1 Southern Cassowary

Southern Cassowary
Southern Cassowary ( image via birdway.com.au )

This is the most dangerous bird that dwells in the rainforests in New Guinea and Northwestern Australia. It is a member of the ratite family. They have blue skin patches and black plumage. They have a bony head plate. They weigh more than 130 pounds and are about 6 feet tall. They are highly protective about their territory. They have razor sharp spurs and have the strongest kick forces amongst animals. They have strong legs with three claws on each leg. The middle one is about five inches long, dagger like, sharp and pointed. They cann ripped open, disembowel and kill any human in a matter of seconds. In the year 2007, the bird was decalred the most dangerous bird by the Guinness Book of Records.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in the World

Sr No.Birds Names
1Southern Cassowary
2The African Ostrich
3European Herring Gull
4Great Northern Loon
5The Mute Swan
6The Barred Owl
8Snowy Owl
10Red-tailed Hawk
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