Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish

A vast majority of the earth is covered in water. The abundance of fish provides us with food that we love to eat. But sometimes, we as human beings, can become their food as well. The top 10 most dangerous fish found on earth are:

10 Moray Eel


It has very sharp teeth through which it hunts its prey. If disturbed, it can cause harm to humans as well.

9 Great White Shark.


This fish needs no introduction. With just one bite, it can severe the body parts of any species including humans.

8 Fire Coral


This is another species that kills with poison. It has invisible tentacles through which it injects the venom in the body of its prey.

7 Electric Eel


This is a fish that can kill a version by the current generated by it. It can generate up to 700 volts, which is very fatal for any species.

6 Lionfish


This is another poisonous fish. A bite from this species can even lead to death for a human being. This fish looks beautiful but can be considered as one of the top 10 most dangerous fish.

5 Stone Fish


This is another venomous fish that kills its prey by camouflaging as a stone. Their venom can be very painful and sometimes fatal for humans.

4 Piranha


This is another killer species of fish, which has got razor sharp teeth. Piranha can be mostly found in the rivers of South Africa and Brazil. They hunt in packs and devour their prey in the shortest possible time.

3 Puffer


This is a very poisonous fish that paralyses and kills its prey by injecting poison. The poison is made of a chemical named tetrodotoxin and it is present in the intestine and ovaries of the fish.

2 Chironex or Box Jellyfish


This is another great species of fish whose bite is poisonous. They kill their prey with a poisonous bite and then feed on it.

1 Tiger Fish

goliath_tiger_fishphoto credits by

As the name suggests, it is a top draw hunter. It not only kills other species in water, but it can kill humans as well. These fishes are found in the river Congo. Due to its ferocious nature, it comes at the numero uno spot in the list of top 10 most dangerous fish.

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish

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