Top 10 Strongest Women in the World

Generally, physical strength is associated with men and they are considered more powerful, physically then women. But over the years, this difference has also been negated with females entering into sports like weightlifting, reselling and bodybuilding. Women nowadays, don’t shy away to build a body like that of a men and also flaunt it proudly. The females in our list have great bodies and can make men feel conscious and also scared at times.

Here is a list of Top 10 Strongest Women in the World:

10 Kristin Rhodes

Top 10 Strongest Women in the World--kristin-rhodes
Top 10 Strongest Women in the World,Kristin Rhodes–Photo via Heavy Athletics Nutrition

This strongwoman is America and is known most for winning United Strongest Women’s World Championship in the year 2012.

Kristin was born on 10th September, 1975 and was a strength athlete. She is Bill Nieder’s granddaughter, who was a shot putter himself and also Tim Danielson’s niece, who was a runner for middle distance. She has been into sports from a very early age and used to play sports like soccer, discus, hammer, shot and javelin. She started her career as a strongwomen under her husband, Donald Allan Rhodes training, who was a strongman himself and was also an officer in California Highway Patrol. The first competition she participated in was in California in the year 2006. She is 1.73m tall and has weight of 100kgs.

9 Jill Mills

Top 10 Strongest Women in the World--jill-mills
Top 10 Strongest Women in the World–Jill Mills-Photo via

Jill is a Power lifter, bodybuilder and strongman by occupation. She is best known for winning World’s Strongest Woman title two times.

Jill was born on 2nd March, 1972 in Indiana. Her career was about 20years and considered a legend in strength sports. During her growing up years, she spent time running in the farm and doing calisthenics. As kid, she used to find muscular females very beautiful, whereas, in society, they were negatively judged, unpopular sight and highly criticized. She began her weightlifting training herself, by reading secret techniques from weightlifting magazines and used plastic plates made of concrete as weights at home. Her passion for weightlifting landed her in this field and pursed it as a career. She has won numerous awards in the field of strength like 2xWorld’s Strongest Woman, Strongest woman alive, Callender Grand Prix, Killin Fair Championship, 4xUSPF National Championship, APF National Power lifting championship, 3xAPF Raw Texas Power lifting Championship etc.

8 Becca Swanson

Photo via

The next on the list we have Becca Swanson, a well known name in the field of weight lifting and bodybuilding. She is from America and is a power lifter, bodybuilder, strongwomen and pro wrestler by profession. She has been awarded with names like “The World’s Strongest Woman” and “The strongest Woman on the Planet”.

Born in November 20th, 1973 in Papillion, Nebraska, she started her career in 1996, with the desire of becoming a bodybuilder, but actually started as power lifter. She presently holds numerous records for her power lifting in the world, which includes highest dead lifts, highest number of total lifts, highest number of bench press and highest squats. She is the only woman to date, who has squat over 800 pounds and also known as the woman who has done 35kg dumb bell curl on repetition of 10. She has won awards like Ms. Midwest, Ms. Nebraska, Ms. Rocky Mountain, WLW Ladies Championship etc. She is 5’10” tall and weighs about 140kg.

7 Robin Coleman A.K.A “Hellga”

Top 10 Strongest Women in the World-Robin Coleman A.K.A “Hellga”
Top 10 Strongest Women in the World-Robin Coleman A.K.A “Hellga”-Photo via youtube

Robin Coleman is a strongwoman from America, with background also in acting, rowing, figure competition and female bodybuilder. She was born on 30th March, 1974 in Friendswood, US.

Robin was a part of World’s Strongest Woman of Zambia in 2001 and came on 3rd position. In 2006, she competed in figure competition at Tournaments of Champions in Anaheim. After professional training in 1997, she participated in California’s Border States and got the first prize in novice and 2nd in heavyweight division. She has been into martial arts, pro wrestling and boxing. She has also competed in rowing competitions, affiliated with California Yacht club and Lions Rowing Club, both are in Marina Del Rey. Robin has acted in movies like Days of Our Lives, American Gladiators, Madea Goes to Jail, The Insider, Ultimate Revenge etc. She is 6’1” tall and weighs about 210lbs.

6 Brittany Diamond

Top 10 Strongest Women in the World--Brittany Diamond
Brittany Diamond-Photo via

This young lady on the list is just 23yrs old and has shown great potential in the field of weight lifting. She has lifted weights equal to half of the body weight of her own with dead lift of 315 pound and also lifted a car just for fun.

She is 5’7” tall and weighs around 165 pounds and people think that she is too tiny to do stuff like lifting a car. She calls herself very girly and is very proud of her appearance and the thing that she likes about her sport the most is “looks do not matter”. She started her career in 2014, after her graduation. As a new comer, she has successfully qualified for Arnold Strongman Classic and came 7th after competing with strongest middleweight female. She is considered as the future of the strength sport.

5 Jan Todd

Top 10 Strongest Women in the World --Jan Todd
Top 10 Strongest Women in the World–Jan Todd-Photo via

Jan Todd is professor in Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at Austin at The University of Texas. She is also a part of Sport Management faculty and takes classes for sports history, sports & ethics and sports philosophy. She is also a co-editor for Iron Game History: The Journal of Physical Culture and has written books like Lift Your Way to Youthful Fitness and Physical Culture and Body Beautiful: Purposive Exercise in the Lives of American Women.

Her interest in study of physical culture and sports motivated her and helped in her success as a power lifter. During her career as a power lifter, magazines like Sports Illustration, called her “strongest woman in the world” and has won 60 world and national records and was a part of Guinness Book of Records for years. She has been a part of Women’s Power lifting Hall of Fame and was the first woman to do so. In 2008, she received Oscar Heidenstam Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award, for contributing significantly in physical fitness world.

4 Chen Wei Ling

Top 10 Strongest Women in the World-chen-wei-ling
Top 10 Strongest Women in the World–photo via The World Games 2009 on

Chen Wei Ling from Taiwan, is probably the shortest female in the list with height of just 4’10 ½” and weights just 48kgs. She has represented Taiwan in power lifting and weightlifting in Olympics.

Chen was born on 4th January, 1982 and has weightlifting as her career. She numerous world records under her name like squats over 171.5kg at 43.5kg in Finland, dead lift with 175.0kg at 43.7kg, which is like 4 times her own weight etc. In 2008, she won a bronze medal in summer Olympics in 48kg category. In world games, she won a gold in 2009, Kaohsiung games and silver in 2013 at Cali.

3 Aneta Florczyk

Top 10 Strongest Women in the World--aneta_florczyk3
Top 10 Strongest Women in the World—Aneta Florczyk Photo via

Aneta was born on 26th February, 1982 and is a strongwoman and athlete from Poland.

She started as a power lifter at an age of 16 and won numerous championships in Poland. In 2000, she became the European Champion. She was the first athlete from Poland, who broke the 500kg barrier in power lifting. She won Junior Polish Champion and senior in vice Champion. Her proper training with equipments started in 2002 for participating in strongwoman contest. One year later, she got the title of World’s strongest women competition in Zambia and in Ireland; she won the Europe’s strongest woman competition. She has won the world championship in the year 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008 and for this she holds a Guinness world Records. She is 5’6” tall and 75kg in weight.

2 Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton

Top 10 Strongest Women in the World-abbye-pudgy-stockton
Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton–Top 10 Strongest Women in the World

Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton is probably the oldest in the list. She was born on 11th August, 1917 in California and died on 26th June, 2006 at the age of 88. By profession, she was a female bodybuilder, strongwoman and gained popularity with muscle beach in the 1940s.

Stockton started as a gymnast and acrobat initially along with her husband and became famous while playing an under stander in one of their acts. She was a part of covers of 42 magazines in 1940s and also posed with male bodybuilders like Steve Reeves and John Grimek, which on the top that time. She played a major role in getting sanctioned the first ever woman’s weight lifting contest and was held in 1947 on 28th February. In 2000, she was included in the IFBB Hall of Fame.

1 Judy Glenney

Top 10 Strongest Women in the World--udy-glenney
Top 10 Strongest Women in the World-Photo via

Topping the list we have an American basically from Oregon. Judy is weight lifting champion at national level and was also a coach and referee at IWF. She was considered to be one of the greatest in her time.

Judy was born on 15th March, 1949 in Oregon, US and has occupations like motivational speaker, referee, teacher and weight lifter. She started unofficially under her husband’s training by lifting weights against men. She officially participated in America’s national women’s meet in 1981 and won gold and the award for best lifter. Eventually, she won awards like 4x women’s National Championship- Gold, 5x Master’s National Championship- Gold, Gold in world masters games etc.

Top 10 Strongest Women in the World

Sr No. Top 10 Strongest Women
1 udy Glenney
2 Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton
3 Aneta Florczy
4 Chen Wei Ling
5 Jan Todd
6 Brittany Diamond
7 Robin Coleman A.K.A “Hellga”
8 Becca Swanson
9 Jill Mills
10 Kristin Rhodes

These women in the list have proved that none of the sport is just for males and cannot be pursued by females. Despite of being females, the carried a body similar to a male with a lot elegance and poise and were extremely proud of it. This also opened one more career option for females all around the world.

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Top 10 Strongest Women in the World

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