Top 10 Tallest and Big Wrestlers WWE of All Time

Wrestlers are amazingly known for their pleasing persona and heir heavy weight championships. However, there is one more essential term for them by which they can be described is ‘giant’. Yes, wrestlers are not only strongman but they also have that height which a common person can only dream about. One of the main tasks of these giant wrestlers was to challenge the locals at the last in the ring to win prize for 5 minutes they need to wrestle with the component.

Height does not affect much in the wrestling career but there are certain wrestlers who have been well known because of their amazing height. There are plethoras of tallest wrestlers in WWE of all the time. They already gather a great mob of fans. Because of which they now have their names as the great deals of bankability by looking at their amazing wrestling exercises. The crowd for which we have mentioned them below has never forgotten the top 10 tallest wrestlers from WWE of all time.

10 Mark Henry – 6’4” 418lbs

Top 10 Tallest and Big Wrestlers WWE of All Time
Mark Henry ( image via )

Mark Henry who is known for his amazing equation of height, which is 6’4” and 418 lbs. He is a strongman who came from Texas. He begins with his pro wrestling career in 1996. His career came into light after slamming Jerry Lawler in the following interview during the WWE, Monday Night Rae Episode. He later defeated Lawler after which he went on to join The Rock. He also became a part of The Nation of Domination clan. Henry is also one of the winners of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

He was also seen in the championships of WWE along with other two championships such as the ECW Champion and the European Champion. After so much of championships, he has now gained a massive crowd of fans worldwide. He is still; in the wrestling in the WWE and has been missing out from the ring because of his injury or some weight lifting commitments.

In 2011, Henry became the WWE World heavy weight Champion who defeated Randy Orton during the Night of Champions. He came under limelight as he had some stories with the Big Show. Before his achievements, he was under the ring with some terrorizing opponents whom he knocked out and became amongst the top most wrestlers.

9 King Kong Bundy – 6’4” 458lbs

King Kong Bundy
King Kong Bundy ( image via )

King Kong Bundy is one of the big guy. Who has some 6’4” height along with 458 lbs? Yes, he was a gigantic man who had dubbed his voice once in ‘The Walking Condominium’. It was because of his imposing size and weight. He also started with his wrestling career while he was working with the World Class Championship Wrestling.

He where wrestled under the name Big Daddy Bundy. Later on, King Kong Bundy entered into the world of WWE where he defeated S.D. He thus defeated Special Delivery Jones at the Wrestle Mania. This was one of the shortest matches in the Wrestle Mania history that lasted for only 9 seconds.

After which he received the title of Wrestle Mania II in a match with Hulk Gogan in late 1986.he also gained some fame as The Undertaker’s fourth victim later on at the Wrestle Mania XI in the year 1995. He was the famed person for his battle with Andre the Giant and the Hulk Hogan in the mid to the late 1980’s. He was thus favoured to win the Royal Rumble in 1995.He has its signature move which is called as Avalanche Splash. Despite of facing so many challenges he is under the list of tallest wrestlers for which he is also in the panorama.

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8 Yokozuna – 6’4” 589lbs

Yokozuna ( image via )

Yokozuna has a height of 6’4 inches with 589 lbs. He received the title of being amongst the heaviest wrestler while in the WWE; he probably went to the Yokozuna who was also known as the Somoan- American. He portrayed as the Somoan American that even when he didn’t participated in the sport he was still a horrifying wrestler.

He already belonged to a wrestling family. He spent his early part of his career in the American Wrestling Association earlier than inflowing into the WWE in the year 1992. He became a two-time winner of the WWE Championship at the very same time as the WWE Tag Team Champion. He also earned and won in the year of 1993 and in the same year, he again won the Royal Rumble. In the same year he also defeated WWE Hall of Famers Bret Hart at Wrestle Mania IX also he defeated the Hulk Hogan at King of the Ring.

His claimed to the fame mostly took a growth in the year 1993 at the time of the battle of the King of the Ring match where he finished the Hulk Hogan along with a Banzai Drop. After which he won the match and supposedly knocked out of the WWE. He played some legendary battles along with the Lex Lugar and The Undertaker. After which he earned a great spot in the hall of fame of the WWE Hall of Fame that was introduced in the year 2012.

7 Vader – 6’5” 456lbs

Vader ( image via )

Vader is around 6’5 height tall along with 456 lbs. Amazing facts about Vader are unbelievable the first one is that, the larger than life Big Van Vader was approximately an 8th time world champion. In the WCW in the New Japan Pro Wrestling along with the other battle leagues such as WWE and All Japan Pro Wrestling.

The year as a debut participant in the WWE was 1996 in the Royal Rumble. Thus, Vader then ended up defeating every other Rumble Participants because of which he becomes a rival for the rest of the participants. He was suspended while he attacked the referees and then WWE President Gorilla Monsoon.

The sustentation happened in the following victory over the Vega on Monday Night Raw. He has a battle with Yokozuma, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels after which he got the claim to fame.  He stayed in WWE for about three years but still he managed to tussle with many of the big stars such as the British Bull Dog along with Owen Hart and Mankind. He has a finishing move that is called as the Vader Bomb. He made a guest appearance on the Monday Night Raw in the year 2012 beating Health Slater.

6 Earthquake – 6’7” 468lbs

Earthquake ( image via )

The Canadian star, Earthquake has a massive height that is 6’7 inches along with 468 lbs. He started his wrestling career in Japan. He was a highly successful sumo wrestler. He also won some 17 straight matches in the 6-month period. He has a sumo lifestyle, which caused him some difficulty for undertaking from the sumo ring.

To move ahead in his career he was meant to remove his tattoo on his biceps to be allowed to advance in the sport. In the year 1989, he started wrestling in the All-Japan Pro Wrestling and thus moved on towards the WWE. In WWE, he was introduced as the Earthquake Evans. However, in the Wrestle Mania season VI, he was simply known as the Earthquake and after that, he started to make the same sound as the earthquake. He had a feud with Hulk Hogan who culminated in the 1991 Royal Rumble loss where these two were the last ones who were left in the ring. He was in the WWE from the year 1989-1993 and again entered into the ring in 1994. He also participated in a staged sumo match with Yokozuna as it became part of an immersive feud. He had his signature move that was an Earthquake Splash that he used for many wrestlers. He also earned a WWE Tag Team Championship along with Typhoon as the member of their Natural Disasters team.

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5 Big Daddy V, Mabel, Viscera – 6’9” 487lbs

Big Daddy V, Mabel, Viscera
Big Daddy V, Mabel, Viscera ( image via )

With so many amazing names and a tallest height in the WWE is the 6’9 inches and 487 lbs is an enormous threatening man and was a winner of 10 champions. In his career, he was dominated by his successful stints and was termed as an imposing villain for the other components.

The Mabel made his debut as a member of the tag team that came in the year 1993 known as the Men on a Mission. In the year 1995, he won a kind of King of The Ring Title Belt soon after winning the WWE tournament. He had an aggressive style that created many issues in toning them down by injuring Kevin Diesel Nash because of which he was almost under termination from the WWE. His career is a sufficient amount that brought a cease after his succession of leg drops broke The Undertaker’s orbital bone. Although he did win in the WWE Championship, that too once in 1994 where he was a member of the Men on a Mission. He also won the WWC Universal heavyweight Championship in the year 1996. He also added one more victory in the year 2000 in the WWE Hardcore Championship as Viscera.

4 The Big Show – 7’0” 463lbs

The Big Show
The Big Show ( image via )

Big Show is an astounding, 7’0 tall in height and 463 lbs. The Big Show is a 7th time world champion winner that was recently held in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship which is in 2012.Big Show is one of the popular and loved by many of its fans. He also had some battles with Mark Henry, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio has won the same match of WWE World Championships in the year 2013 where his opponent was the Big Show.

He got a kick-forward to his career in the WCW where he won the respective match, by defeating Hulk Hogan that regulated in disqualification in the year 1995. Big Show is recognized as World’s Largest Athlete. Big show is either fighting in a group or alone. He is one of those WWE contestants who have an amazing story line along with an epic back and forth battle with the Mark Henry. Big show is well known because of his unique p0erson, imposing height and being an excellent wrestler since many years. He also has some signature move that includes the brutal Chokeslam and sly Ko Punch along with Colossal Clutch. With an amazing ability, which is likeable or mean, he is one of the popular and famed wrestler ever since.

3 The Great Khali – 7’1” 350lbs

The Great Khali
The Great Khali ( image via )

Indian Khali who is one of the wrestlers at the WWE has a height of 7’1 inches along with 350 lbs. earlier before becoming a WWE wrestler Khali was a police officer from India as well as a power lifter who had a tremendous physique. Even though he had an imposing height The Great Khali is relatively willowy that still he is compared by the rest of the wrestlers. The weight of him has topped 400 pounds before. He became the WWE World Heavy weight Champion in the year 2007.

After the elimination of both the opponents one Batista and Kane that had participated in the 21 participant Battle Royale, match. He also had some feuds with the likes of John Cena, Triple H, Rey Mysterio and Kane and many more. He played a prominent role while launching Jinder Mahal’s career in the year 2011. He recently has a chance at the United States Championship but unfortunately, he lost the title match to Antonio Cesaro in the early 2003. He himself developed this finisher move that was named after him as Khali Vise Grip. He also used to use his Punjabi Plunge to blow down and devastate his competitors.

2 Andre the Giant – 7’2” 520lbs

Andre the Giant
Andre the Giant ( image via )

One of the top most and legendary imposing men who was well known figure since the late 80’s and 70’s. He has an immersive height that is 7’2’’ inches and 520 lbs. He was famous by several names such as The Eighth Wonder of the World that were adapted by his dimensions. He surfed from Andre suffered from Acromegaly, that became a reason behind his massive size. He owned some feuds with the wrestlers even when he left wrestling. After when, he won one of the WWE Championship along with one WWE World Tag Team Championship.  He began his wrestling career in the year 1973 and after which he gained a lot of fame as he started building up some heavyweight feuds.

His feuds were still on with the Big John Stud and King Kong Bundy. However, at the time of the matches there were still some ongoing disputes while the match with the Hulk Hogan was considered the reason behind his star rise. Unfortunately, he is no more and Andre sadly died from a heart failure in the year 1993 soon after his final match at the Japan All pro wrestling in 1992. In his 15 years of career he was never defeated as he had an intimidating appurtenance while he was in the ring during his years. He was well known because of an event where in the Andre’s best known event was when he headlined Wrestle Mania III with Hulk Hogan where he lost of 93,173. He had a signature blow that was Sit down Splash along with a Double Underhook Suplex.

Putting the big people into the ring and see, they wrestle while the strongest and smart contestant wins the prize. WWE has created many such sexy and marvellous crowds of wrestlers that have now become a promotional mantra.

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1 Giant Gonzalez – 7’6” 419lbs

Giant Gonzalez
Giant Gonzalez ( image via )

The heavy weight champion named Giant Gonzalez has a height of 7’6″ inches along with 419 lbs. His has enormous names since he stepped into the world of WWE. His height is what which one of the pleasing and that he is also known as the towering wrestler namely Jorge or “Giant” Gonzalez and Giant Gonzalez, El Gigante etc.  He was the former basketball player that was drafted in Argentina into the NBA in the year 1988. There were many rigorous demands held by the NBA because of which he also suffered from a knee injury.  The Atlanta Hawks owner, Ted Turner, who was also the owner of the WCW, to become a professional wrestler, later approached him. Thus, he went on the dispute with the Ric Flair, Sid Vicious and the One Man Gang. All this happened sooner than moving on to the WWE in the year 1993.

Top 10 Tallest and Big Wrestlers WWE of All Time Ever

Sr No. Names – Height – Weight
1 Giant Gonzalez – 7’6” – 419lbs
2 Andre the Giant – 7’2” – 520lbs
3 The Great Khali – 7’1” – 350lbs
4 The Big Show – 7’0” – 463lbs
5 Big Daddy V, Mabel, Viscera – 6’9” – 487lbs
6 Earthquake – 6’7” – 468lbs
7 Vader – 6’5” – 456lbs
8 Yokozuna – 6’4” – 589lbs
9 King Kong Bundy – 6’4” – 458lbs
10 Mark Henry – 6’4” – 418lbs

He had a long ongoing career that offered some confrontation against the Undertaker, who got eliminated in the Royal Rumble in the year 1993. But he eliminated the Undertaker whereas he lost to theUndertaker in the championship of the WrestleMania IX.

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Top 10 Tallest and Big Wrestlers WWE of All Time

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