Top Ten Most Famous Lighthouses in the World

Science has touched every domain of the life of the mankind. One of those most important creations of science is the invention of the lighthouses. A lighthouse is nothing but a building, tower or any other similar structure that is designed and used for the purpose of emitting light from a fine system of lamps as well as lenses.

The lighthouse is used as a navigational aid for the maritime pilots of the sea that direct them towards their ways as well as inland waterways. A lighthouse is constructed and found near the water sources such as sea. Lighthouses help in a number of activities such as marking of the dangerous coastlines, dangerous shoals as well as reefs, directing safe entries to the harbours as well as guiding and assisting the aerial navigation. A number of famous lighthouses are found in the world that helps in carrying out one or the other activity. Following are the top ten famous lighthouses of the world.

Top Ten Most Famous Lighthouses in the World

10 Jeddah Light

Jeddah Light

The Jeddah Light is a lighthouse that is located in Saudi Arabia. This lighthouse has been constructed very beautifully and adorns a beautiful structure. The Jeddah Light was built in the year 1990. This lighthouse is considered as the tallest lighthouse of the world thereby reaching a fine height of around 436 feet. This lighthouse is widely used as a navigational aid by the locals of Saudi Arabia.

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9 Bell Rock Lighthouse


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The Bell Rock Lighthouse is located in Scotland and is considered as the world’s oldest lighthouse that was believed to be washed out by the sea. This lighthouse was built on the Bell Rock and was situated around 11 miles far from its shoreline. This lighthouse has been the oldest lighthouse of the world which was firstly lit in the year 1811.

The height of the Bell Rock Lighthouse rises up to 35 meters. One can take a view of its light from a distance of 35 statute miles inland. This building faced a lot of challenges ever since its construction took place and that is why it is considered as one of the seven wonders of Industrial world.

8 Kopu Lighthouse

Kopu Lighthouse

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The Kopu Lighthouse is considered as the eighth most famous lighthouse of the world. This ancient lighthouse was constructed on the Hiiumaa island of Estonia and is considered as one of the oldest lighthouses of the world. It is also the third oldest lighthouse in the world that still remains in operation. The Kopu Lighthouse of Estonia has been used continuously ever since its construction in the year 1531.

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7 Slettnes Lighthouse

Slettnes Lighthouse

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The Slettnes Lighthouse is the northernmost lighthouse that is located on the mainland of Europe and is considered as one of the most famous lighthouses of the world. This lighthouse is mostly considered as the North Cape Light and is the top lighthouse of Europe. Slettnes Lighthouse firstly began to light in the year 1905. Though it was highly damaged during the World War II by the Germans, yet it was restored and lit again. This lighthouse is very classic as to its looks.

6 Tower of Hercules

Tower of Hercules

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The Tower of Hercules is an ancient lighthouse that was constructed by the Romans in Spain. This lighthouse is situated around 2.4 kms away from the Corunna city of north-western Spain. One of the oldest lighthouses of the world, the Tower of Hercules is almost 1900 years old today. It stands tall with a height of 55 metres.

This lighthouse was rehabilitate in the year 1791. The best thing about this lighthouse is that it is still in use. This lighthouse is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a National Monument of Spain.

5 Kullen Lighthouse

Kullen Lighthouse

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The Kullen Lighthouse is located on the top of the hill in the south-western coast of Sweden. Look wise, this lighthouse has embraced the look of a castle. It is considered as one of the most famous places to be visited by the tourists and embraces a major tourist-attraction. A number of activities apart from being a tourist-sight are entertained by the Kullen Lighthouse. It majorly helps in the navigation for it can be clearly visible to our eyes from a distance.

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4 Peggys Point Lighthouse

Peggy’s Point Lighthouse

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The Peggys Point Lighthouse is also addressed as the Peggy Cove Lighthouse. This lighthouse is one iconic and a popular monument of Canada. It was firstly lit in the year 1915. The Peggys Point Lighthouse has become a major tourist sight and is considered as one of the busiest attractions of the tourists in the area of Nova Scotia. This lighthouse also fetches you a wonderful scenic drive and visiting here, you can indulge yourself in the beauty of nature.

3 Cape Hatteras Light

Cape Hatteras Light

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The Cape Hatteras Light is considered as the third most famous lighthouses of the world. This lighthouse is located on the Hatteras Island in the Outer banks. The Cape Hatteras was firstly built in the year 1802. This lighthouse is one of the tallest lighthouses with a height of around 64 meters. This high lighthouse was rebuilt in the year 1870 and is considered as the tallest lighthouse of bricks in the United States of America. This lighthouse is very active even today.

2 Sambro Island Lighthouse

The Sambro Island Lighthouse is the oldest operating beacon in the Americas, it celebrated its 250th birthday in 2008.
The Sambro Island Lighthouse

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The Sambro Island Lighthouse is considered as the second most famous lighthouses of the world. It is located on a fine island nearby the community of Sambro in the city of Nova Scotia, Canada. This lighthouse is considered as the oldest lighthouse of North America. It was firstly lit in the year 1758. By the year 1988, this lighthouse became automated. The height of the Sabro Island Lighthouse raises up to 25 meters.

1 Les Eclaireurs lighthouse

Les Eclaireurs lighthouse

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The Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse is located in Argentina and is also addressed as the ‘lighthouse at the end of the world’. It is the most famous lighthouses of the world and has been placed at number 1 on our list. The Les Eclaireurs lighthouse is located on a small island on the very east to the city of Ushuaia, Argentina. This city is the southernmost city of the world. This lighthouse was built in the year 1920 and today it has become a very famous tourist attraction. However, visit to this lighthouse can be made only by a boat.

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Top Ten Most Famous Lighthouses in the World

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